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Made in France, le vrai du faux

Made in France, the real and the fake

Are you part of the growing number of consumers who prefer Made in France? Products sometimes more expensive but so much more reassuring, and the feeling of doing a citizen gesture?

At TiL, French manufacturing has been an absolute priority from the beginning of the project, the non-negotiable part of the development, even if it has often been longer, more restrictive, and with higher costs.

But Made in France is an overused notion, which covers several realities, from the most sincere to the most misleading, and we decode TiL’s. Because to tell you the truth, we are a little tired of not only greenwashing, but also Madeinfrancewashing 😊  

What does it mean?

Well, this is where we can find strong variations.

In fact, Made in France or Manufactured in France or Produced in France can describe:

– a product entirely made in France

– but also a product partially made in France if it has undergone its last substantial transformation in France…

A product can therefore be made of components from all over the world, and having undergone who knows what treatment, from the moment it is assembled and has been transformed for the last time in France, it is considered Made in France … Made in France is therefore the place of manufacture or final assembly of the product, but is in no way a guarantee of traceability, or French raw materials!

Why should you choose Made in France?

This is a guarantee of seriousness, particularly in cosmetics, to the point that this sector is the world’s 2nd largest exporter, after aeronautics. 70% of French production is exported. Buying French means recognizing and supporting a unique know-how recognized around the world.

In addition to quality assurance, it also means respecting social standards and reducing the environmental impact by limiting the carbon footprint…

According to Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie, a professor of prestigious French schools (ESSEC…) and director of SemioConsult, ” the Made In France product is becoming a real disseminator of French culture and as such a tool of international influence.”

Made in France at TiL

Our products are really French, and 100%! With all the steps made in France, and French raw materials. Beyond Made in France, most of them are even Made in Dordogne, so local manufacturing and short circuits are guaranteed.

TiL cosmetics pathway

  • The exclusive active ingredient Tiliactiv4® is created by biotechnology from the buds, branches, flowers and leaves of the more than one hundred year old silver linden trees of the family estate in Dordogne. Everything is harvested entirely by hand, during the two picking periods (March and June), by tree professionals and volunteers. The material is used fresh, i.e. immediately frozen on the spot, to freeze its activity and preserve the total integrity of the hydrating, soothing and anti-oxidant molecules of the linden tree. Unlike many active ingredients used in cosmetics, which are dry extracts and therefore much less active… The frozen materials are then sent to be cryo-extracted at the leader in plant biotechnology, Greentech, near Clermont Ferrand.
  • The other active ingredients integrated in the formulas, alfalfa, rose centifolia, nasturtium, passionflower, ivy, horsetail, white lupine etc…. all come exclusively from France.
  • Then, go to the factory of Saint Astier in Dordogne to manufacture the products. It manufactures and packages, then the logistician who takes over for the shipments is a few kilometers away.
  • The Joyeux Savon, which is really the haute couture of the soap factory, is made according to an ancestral tradition, in the Atelier de La Petite Madeleine, in Troyes.

    Perfume itinerary

    The wonderful olfactory oil of L’Eau Qui Enlace, created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, comes from the Mecca of perfume, i.e. Grasse, and is conditioned in Normandy, close to Rouen.

    What about our food supplements?

    The Poudre Zéro Souci is made near Montélimar, with flowers and linden tree sapwood, lemon balm, and French burdock. The Elixir de Sérénité is made in Vendée, with extracts of French linden and hawthorn.

    So, at TiL, Made in France is not just a marketing argument, it is a commitment that is at the heart of our values. For us, Made in France means harvested in France, in a historic French estate that has been in the family for several generations, processed in France with French active ingredients, and manufactured in France!

    Who can say better?

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