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Compléments alimentaires

Beauty supplements

At TiL, we think “in and out”, because we are a whole.

Healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside, a true virtuous circle! And it is with this philosophy that our beauty supplements were formulated.

La Poudre Zéro Souci, our evening beauty supplement, is a concentrate of linden and other plants, vitamins and trace elements that soothe, detoxify and bring radiance that can be seen on your face and felt in your mind.  

For the day, the little oral spray L’Élixir de Sérénité is a macerate of linden, hawthorn and fig tree buds, which lightens the mind and helps to live better…
At any time of the day, it helps to balance the mood, and promotes emotional well-being, by helping to overcome certain difficult moments, to let go and to relax. It also shows on the face, more relaxed and less marked, more relaxed and smiling.

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La Poudrez Zéro SouciLa Poudrez Zéro Souci
La Poudrez Zéro Souci
Detox, relaxation & radiance beauty supplement
Sale priceFrom €33,00 EUR
L'Élixir de SérénitéL'Élixir de Sérénité
L'Élixir de Sérénité
Anti-stress spray
Sale price€39,00 EUR
e-carte cadeau
e-carte cadeau
e-carte cadeau
Sale priceFrom €30,00 EUR