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Composed by the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the TiL perfume is a free and sentimental interpretation of the linden tree at its apogee, when its scent fills the air with its honeyed notes and bees buzz with joy in its branches! A joyful enchanting fragrance which evokes memories and shines with its gentle intimacy. Analyzed by neuroscientists, its impact on cognitive performance is proven.  To smell good and take care of yourself, without moderation…


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L'Eau qui EnlaceL'Eau qui Enlace
L'Eau qui Enlace
Eau de toilette
Sale price€90,00 EUR
L'Eau qui Enlace
L'Eau qui Enlace
Eau de toilette
Sale price€70,00 EUR
L'Eau qui Enlace - 7.5mlL'Eau qui Enlace - 7.5ml
L'Eau qui Enlace - 7.5ml
Eau de toilette refillable travel spray
Sale price€35,00 EUR
L'essentiel du voyageL'essentiel du voyage
L'essentiel du voyage
Sale price€49,00 EUR
e-carte cadeau
e-carte cadeau
e-carte cadeau
Sale priceFrom €30,00 EUR