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Comme par enchantement, l'Huile qui Enchante

As if by magic, the Huile qui Enchante

What if one single product gathered, a caressing and silky texture, a repairing and beautifying care, a divine and addictive perfume? And what if it dispensed its incredible benefits on the face, body and hair at the same time?

If you only need one product to take to a desert island (or to your bathroom 😊), it’s L’Huile Qui Enchante, and it’s so aptly named!

What could be more enchanting than the delicious scent of L’Eau Qui Enlace, created by Francis Kurkdjian, expressed in a dry oil? A caress of skin, with linden blossoms exhaled on an early June morning, where the bees come to have a good time…

A real olfactory emotion, but also a precious repairing care containing an exclusive macerate of silver linden flowers from the family estate.

It carries TiL’s entire philosophy… a product that is both simple and universal, ultra-sensory and effective, that takes care of both skin and mind.  “In and out”, because we are a whole.

A precious care

L’Huile Qui Enchante is not only a delight for the senses, it is above all a repairing and beautifying multi-use care.

A treasure trove of benefits for the face, body and hair, we designed it from a heart of linden, surrounded by a cocktail of vegetable oils, including camelina, with anti-aging properties, and white lupin. 

To create this exceptional oil, we have indeed developed an oily macerate with the flowers of our silver linden trees from Dordogne, with powerful properties.

They bloom at the end of June and beginning of July, and exhale a divine honeyed perfume.

But their life span is ephemeral, about 3 days. A narrow window of fire since it is necessary to collect them when, on the flowered bract, 3 flowers on 5 are opened, and the 2 others still closed…

They are then picked one by one by hand, and believe us, it takes hours and huge quantities to make kilos of flowers!

At TiL we have chosen to use only fresh material, even if it is much more restrictive and complicated; but it is the only guarantee to preserve the total integrity of the molecules (indeed, a good part of them disappears when the plant material is dried, as it is very often the case).

The moisturizing and anti-oxidant benefits of these delicate yellow flowers, very fragrant, are combined with those of the camelina oil in which they macerate.

Camelina has the particularity of actively fighting against cell aging and regenerates. Highly concentrated in unsaturated fatty acids, its exceptional level of omega 3 and 6 makes it a sought-after anti-aging agent, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants: it is the anti-wrinkle par excellence. It protects against external aggressions, preserves the skin’s hydration and helps it to repair itself. It also works miracles on the hair by nourishing and hydrating the hair fiber. It reinforces the hydrolipidic film, limiting aggressions, as well as the scales of keratin, thus restoring brightness and shine to the hair.

Both moisturizing and anti-oxidant, repairing and illuminating the complexion, this precious macerate of linden blossom and camelina erases skin dryness and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, restoring softness and infinite comfort to the skin and scalp.

Gorged with fatty acids and tocopherol (vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant), it slows down premature aging by protecting against free radicals and oxidative stress.

Very rich in linoleic acid, with lightening properties, it reduces the synthesis of melanin, unifies the complexion and increases the luminosity of the skin.

We have surrounded this macerate :

– with vegetable oils, selected for their moisturizing and anti-aging actions:

· Sunflower oil is rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E, very hydrating and soothing, and makes the skin supple.

· Jojoba oil fights against the signs of skin aging, nourishes and softens, regulates the production of sebum, natural lubricant of the skin and hair.

– of an extract of seeds of white lupin, firming and remodelling, which reinforces the synthesis of collagen and boosts the cellular renewal, thus restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin.


An olfactory emotion

 Senses in celebration and addiction in sight ….

This ultra-sensory oil comforts the mind with its addictive floral fragrance, with its soft and caressing sensuality, a variation of L’Eau Qui Enlace.

All in roundness, enveloping and luminous, tender and solar…it is the one that evokes a subtle reminiscence of childhood and whose neuroscientific studies have demonstrated its emotional impact since it brings joy, relaxation and comfort.

As soon as l’Huile qui Enchante settles on your skin, it invites you to take a walk in the summer warmth of an alley of linden trees in bloom.


100% effective and sensorial

This golden elixir is easy to spread and penetrate, dressing the skin in a silky veil with a dry feel. It moisturizes (+73% hydration measured), nourishes and sublimates with radiance face, body and hair.

We are not the only ones who can’t live without it, it was acclaimed in the clinical study with impressive scores!

100% of the women who tested it appreciated its texture, quickly penetrated, its effectiveness, the feeling of comfort, and compared to other oils, recommended it.

95% liked its softness, its silky and smoothing side, its moisturizing, nourishing and firming effect.

90% literally fell in love with the fragrance and appreciated the radiance of the skin, the feeling of regeneration and soothing, the shine of the hair.

An all-in-one care

Of natural origin (96.8%), vegan and of course Made in France, it is a must in a beauty routine, thanks to its multiple uses.

  • If you are looking for a nutritive, repairing, beautifying care for the skin and/or hair,
  • If you have dry and dehydrated skin, dry and damaged hair, or not…😊
  • If you are a fan of oil textures, with a non-greasy and silky finish
  • If you want to smell deliciously good while doing yourself good.
  • If you dream of an all-in-one product, skin care and scented print, for face, body and hair
  • If you are already a fan of Eau qui Enlace….

Here are all the ways you can use L’Huile Qui Enchante:

 – Morning and/or evening on the face, as a sole treatment, or before your cream. Or a few drops added to your cream to enrich it and boost its effectiveness.

– On the body, in the winter when your skin is dry due to clothes and cold, in the summer to enhance your tan, and in all seasons to beautify the skin, insisting on very dry areas.

– On hair, leave on overnight or at least 1 hour before shampooing, ideally covered with a warm towel. Or a few drops added in the shampoo or conditioner. Or on the ends after drying for a shiny finish.

– And since well-being is at the heart of TiL, we recommend a little ritual to give yourself a bubble of serenity… A few drops in the bath water will perfume it deliciously and leave a moisturizing film on your skin.

– Obviously, a massage to relax you, and if it is done by someone else it’s even better.

    In the panoply of cosmetic galenics, oil occupies a special place, with its supporters and detractors depending on whether you like this particular texture. Sometimes we have the preconceived notion of something greasy, rich, difficult to penetrate, or limited to a nourishing action… L’Huile Qui Enchante is the promise of an exceptional treatment, and a great sensory moment as we like them at TiL.

    Touch your skin with a dose and the magic happens…

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