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Our history

The brand

TiL, is a story of sisters … 1,2,3 …Odile, Sylvie, and Dominique.  One has always worked in cosmetics, another in perfumes, and the third is a painter… in our family we like to use all 5 senses! We have grown up, laughed and cried together, we’ve protected, bickered, made up, hugged and loved each other. It is the story of our lives, under the lindens and elsewhere. Lives that need meaning and passions, and to share them.

A family story

TiL, is the love three sisters have for the land of their childhood, that of their father and their grandfather before him.It is the same love of nature, the same desire to take care of and preserve the tree of a thousand properties, the linden.
And the same desire to share its calming and regenerative powers with you, those we’ve had the good fortune to enjoy.

In the heart of the Dordogne

It is at the heart of the unspoiled Dordogne, an oasis of calm where people still live in time with the seasons, of time rediscovered. A rough place with frigid winters and generous summers. An ancient land, at once the cradle of humanity, the scene of Homeric battles that made the History of France, and a land of unparalleled quality of life. It is in this land of hills and forests, streams and fields, in the heart of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Preserve, that the TiL domain is located. A 17th century building, French Gardens with hundreds of lindens. An old place loaded with history that carries a resolutely modern philosophy: that of the here and now, and of time for yourself.

“An ancient place steeped in history which carries within it the philosophy of absolute modernity: that of present time, and time for oneself .”

An ecosystem of international experts

TiL was accompanied in developing our products by internationally renowned experts.


A world renowned perfumer

Francis Kurkdjian

World renowned perfumer, the creator of more than 60 scents for major international brands and the founder of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, created the Eau de toilette, “L’Eau qui Enlace”, and the scents for the whole TiL range.

but also ...

Lionel de Benetti

Renowned R&D expert, approved all scientific aspects of TIL’s development, from the linden’s effects to that of our proprietary extract, and created the TiL formulas with our laboratory.

Professor Francis Vial

This expert in analyzing the emotional impact of scent carried out the neuroscientific study on the TiL perfume to measure its influence on emotions.

A brand committed to “better living”

TiL is a family run beauty and wellbeing brand based on the only natural antidote to stress: the linden tree. Healthy, effective pleasing products, that for the first time take care of your skin, your body and your mind at the same time.

And because protecting the planet also protects us, and because it is part of who we are, TiL is deeply committed to ecoresponsability.

Our clean & ethical charter

Cosmetic formulas that are 98% natural, without controversial ingredients, and without compromising effectiveness and sensory appeal

All our products are clean, good for your skin and the planet, we are committed to transparency. Even if European legislation is the strictest in the world, and we believe that authorized ingredients are safe, we have decided, on principle, to not use any controversial ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, silicones, SLS, aluminum salts, EDTA, PEG polymers…Our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Our packaging is as respectful as possible: they are all made in France or in Europe, our jars are made of recyclable glass, our large bottles are mage of recyclable PET because a large weight of glass has a negative carbon impact, and our lids are made of Bakelite (a recyclable material, not made from petrochemicals and made of at least 40% plant matter).
The exterior packaging is made of recyclable FSC cardboard, from sustainably managed forests, respecting both man and nature.

We have banished cellophane from our packaging, and paper instructions have been replaced by a QR code so that you can know everything about our products, in all transparency, without wasting paper.

Our local & traceable commitment

Our cosmetics are 100% made in France , but beyond that, TiL is rooted in the Dordogne, like our lindens!

The buds, flowers, leaves and branches that make up TIL’s exclusive active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, are hand picked by professionals who are highly respectful of the trees on our family domain which is in the heart of the Perigord Limousin Regional Nature Preserve, at the end of March for the buds and branches, and at the end of June for the leaves and flowers. Nature is not always predictable, but even if it isn’t always easy or convenient, we adapt to it because nature decides what is right.

Our cosmetic production facility is in the Dordogne, as are the headquarters and offices of TiL which are very close to our domain in Saint Pierre de Frugie, a beautiful old village and one of France’s first organic villages. Very committed to the cause, it owes its renaissance to its ecological commitment, which is regularly held up as an example.

Our commitment to the planet

Tree plantation

Every year we plant young lindens on our domain to help fight pollution and climate change, and to encourage biodiversity. Small steps, on our scale, to preserve our Earth for future generations.

From the beginning, TiL wanted to be a partner of 1% for the planet.

Straight away we decided to support Terre d’Abeilles, that brings together multiple causes that are dear to us because they are closely linked with TiL, since lindens are the honey-producing tree. At the very rare moment of the linden bloom, the 10 days where the air is full of the divine scent, the branches of the linden are completely abuzz with the bees come to harvest the honeydew, the sweet substance dripping from the flowers onto the leaves, and which they will use to make the most delicious of honeys.

Terre d’Abeilles works to durably protect pollinating fauna. They created a free hive-school open to students who are at risk of dropping out, and that is the 2nd reason for our choice, to give meaning to the career objectives of these young people and to help them flourish and grow in confidence. And the 3rd reason, guess what, its in Nouvelle Aquitaine that it’s happening.