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Comment réussir son printemps ?

How to make a success of your spring ?

Each season has its own energy, closely linked to that of nature.
Spring is rebirth, and this new dynamic can be seen everywhere, in nature, but also on your body, your mind, your skin, everything that TiL was created for. So we’re giving you a few keys to make the most of this season, which we love because it is so full of promises 🙂

Nature’s spring

The hibernating animals finally put their noses outside, hungry, it is the period of mating and births, the migratory birds return from their distant journey in warm countries.
The plants come out of their dormancy, thanks to the light and the mild temperatures, life explodes… The buds which have been there for months but closed, to shelter the young shoots from the cold, are opening because the sap recirculates, the light intensifies.
At that moment, we watch day after day in the family domain for the blossoming of the linden buds, which constitute, with the leaves, flowers and twigs, our exclusive active principle, moisturizing, soothing and anti-oxidant.
A fleeting moment not to be missed, as they must be picked when they are well swollen, but not yet completely open, in order to get the maximum of their precious active molecules.


And your spring?

The spring of the mind
Have you noticed how there are periods when we are lamentably dragging ourselves along, and others when we are ready to climb mountains? Spring is one of the latter, so we take advantage of this full of energy and ideas to give a new impetus to our personal and professional life, and we accelerate on the projects.
Attention, this is not an injunction, but a suggestion 🙂
Personally, it’s a big spring cleaning, in every sense of the word, in our closets at home because it lightens the atmosphere, but also in our heads, trying to chase away negative ideas (immediately easier with sunshine!), cleaning up our surroundings, cutting relationships that ultimately do not satisfy us… we clean the ground to sow new seeds and bring freshness, new, and positive. 

The springtime of the body

After winter, the body is both slowed down and overloaded by a richer diet, with less fruits and vegetables, often more sedentary and less sport.
The spring organ is the liver. Also dormant in winter, it wakes up in spring. This is good news, because it is the most important emunctory: it filters food after digestion, then conveys it to the kidneys. 
Helping the liver is therefore essential to cleanse the body.
So, we use and abuse detox foods that allow to eliminate toxins and to have its dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: lemon, cabbage, leek, pineapple, apple, garlic, beet, asparagus, watercress …
And then help yourself to food supplements!
At the beginning of spring, there’s nothing like a cure of the Poudre Zéro Souci,  our detox destress & glow food supplement, concentrated of linden blossom and sapwood, lemon balm, burdock, vitamin B6 and magnesium. A super gourmet powder to be diluted in the evening in hot water, which helps the liver to eliminate toxins and restores the skin’s radiance as a bonus.

Springtime for the skin

The skin’s metabolism varies according to the seasons, it needs to readapt to the change in temperature and to breathe.
Because the skin is also crowded by the rich textures of winter and a heavy diet. Like us, it is tired, dull and reactive, and must eliminate the accumulated winter toxins. The great spring cleaning concerns the skin closely, in and out! The detox of the body obviously plays on the clarity of the complexion and the radiance of the skin, but it is also necessary to act from the outside with a meticulous cleaning, very soft but deep.
The Gelée à Fleur de Peau, our cleansing and makeup remover gel is 99% natural and concentrated in Tiliactiv4®, an exclusive active ingredient based on linden blossom. It cleanses and removes makeup with great tenderness but rare effectiveness. In the morning, it eliminates sebum, all nocturnal secretions and dead cells, and in the evening, traces of make-up, dirt and pollution from the day.

We live in symbiosis with nature, in full bloom in spring.
We too, because the beautiful days bring us the fullness of vitamin D and promote the secretion of melatonin, serotonin and dopamine, the hormones of happiness.
So with our spirits boosted, our minds light, our bodies purified, and our skin healthy and fresh, we are able to climb Everest, or at least to be confident and serene, and that will already be quite a bit. 

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