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Les bonnes résolutions de l’année ...:-)

Good resolutions for the year... !

It’s what we call a ‘chestnut’ in the jargon, a recurring theme every year at the start of the year! But we’re sticking with it because if ever there was a time to decide to do something good for yourself, this is it … and we all need it so badly after a year like this one…

So no miracles, of course, but little moments of self-care that, when added together, put a smile back on your face …


  • I give myself a little time every day to look after myself. This can be to open a book, take a bath, explain to the family that I’m not here for anyone for 15 minutes, put my smartphone on aeroplane mode, put noise-cancelling headphones on my ears because silence is so relaxing, do a complete beauty ritual…
  • I use skincare products that are good not only for my skin, but also for my body and mind.
  • Taking a break isn’t about wasting time, it’s about regaining pleasure! Just because I stop running for a few minutes in the middle of the day doesn’t mean I’ve missed my day. The diktat of ‘doing’, with endless to-do lists, is exhausting… Don’t you have a choice? Yes, you do! Stealing just a few minutes won’t fundamentally change your schedule. And while procrastination can be a bad habit, sometimes it’s actually a lifesaver…
  • Eating better is easy and quickly rewarding. We’re not talking about tedious diets (which are generally pointless because they’re short-lived), but about respecting a balance: abuse one day, be careful the next – that’s not bad at all! On a daily basis, eat a healthy, varied diet with a little less red meat and cheese, more vegetables and fruit, and limit alcohol.
  • A little exercise keeps you fit and keeps your spirits up. For those who aren’t motivated, don’t go to the gym because you won’t be able to keep it up over the long term… But climbing the stairs on foot, walking the length of one or two underground stations, leaving the car for a bicycle, going for a walk at the weekend, dancing to a piece of music you love, are all ways of getting moving. And you’ll feel better straight away… you know, the famous endorphins released by the brain?
  • Doing everything I can to relax prevents me from falling into chronic stress. This is devastating for the body, but also for the mind and even for the skin, because it accelerates the ageing process. So it’s up to each of us to find what calms us: breathing, meditation, sport, yoga, tidying up, cooking, reading, writing, creative hobbies, wood therapy… you’ll sleep better, and that’s the best secret to beauty!
  • The saviour syndrome of constantly helping others is fine, but helping yourself first and foremost is better. Because you can only be there for others if you are at peace with yourself. So don’t forget yourself, and you’ll be all the more attentive to those close to you.
  • Making my ecological conscience a reality. Above all, I don’t want any moral lessons or punitive ecology! But frankly, some small gestures don’t cost much, and if adopted by a large number of people, can really help to bring about change… Here’s a quick list: eat local, seasonal food (typically, no tomatoes in January!), as little processed food as possible, don’t waste food (lots of leftovers can be used). ), as littl processed food as possible, no food wastage (a lot of leftovers can be used), careful waste sorting (for those who have a bit of garden, compost is a fabulous fertiliser), favour eco-responsible products for food, cosmetics or the home, don’t use plastic bags every time you go shopping, drink tap water, don’t leave your chargers plugged in, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, use solid soap rather than shower gel, repair everything that can be repaired rather than throwing it away, etc. these are just a few examples.


    Are good resolutions made to be broken? I don’t agree, and that’s why we try to be pragmatic, because the impossible is impossible. But these small gestures can easily become basic reflexes and become part of our lives for the good of ourselves, our physical and mental health, and our planet.

    We wish you all the best for the New Year !





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