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Quelle crème de jour pour une belle peau ?

Which day cream for beautiful skin?

If the nights are made to regenerate the skin at the moment when it is at its peak of cellular renewal , the quality of its protection during the day determines its capacity to cope with the factors of accelerated aging, which it does not fail to undergo.

Indeed, the skin is a shield protecting against external aggression, thanks to an incredibly well thought-out natural defense system.

But depending on the attacks and the number of years, this system becomes unbalanced and can no longer cope on its own. This is where the quality of cosmetic care comes in to compensate for failures and resist well.

We tell you everything about our new smart morning treatment , a day cream that is a real "swiss army knife", offering the skin everything it needs and wants to protect itself from morning to evening.

"La Crème de Beauté", a moisturizing and smoothing face cream:

The same care to prevent and treat

 At TiL, we like short routines that allow you to prevent and treat all the signs of aging and fatigue with a single treatment , rather than piling up products.

Firstly because it suffocates the skin, then because a well-designed product can be multi-functional, effective, sensory , while not having an extended formula.

Then to limit the carbon impact by avoiding unnecessary products.

And finally, because in these economically complicated and anxiety-provoking times, we wanted a single product for the day, capable of both satisfying the skin's needs and doing good for itself.

So at TiL, we didn't want to choose between treating wrinkles or sagging, hydration or protection, radiance or spots: "La Crème de Beauté"  prevents and treats them all.


A moisturizing and smoothing day treatment 

"La Crème de Beauté, essential and universal, brings together in a single bottle everything the skin needs, and everything you want, from morning until evening: one dose to protect and moisturize, smooth and give shine on the face. A real concentrate of multi-function benefits:

  • It protects and moisturizes
  • Anti-oxidant, it protects against environmental attacks by trapping free radicals . A major factor in aging, because it leads to a loss of the skin's barrier effect, triggering dehydration and sensitization
  • Promoting hydration , it increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and filagrin (the protein which produces the natural hydration factor).
  • It smoothes and gives shine
  • Stimulating cell renewal and regeneration , it smoothes wrinkles and the face reflects light better.
  • It balances micro-circulation, restoring radiance
  • Comfort

Anti-inflammatory, it soothes the skin.

A natural anti-aging formula for the day

At the heart of "La Crème de Beauté" formula, of 99.1% natural origin, Tiliactiv4® , our exclusive linden tree active ingredient , surrounded by plant active ingredients ( French of course), protects against oxidative stress, strengthens the natural defenses and consolidates the skin structure

1. Tiliactiv4®

  • After having investigated, for the first time in the world, during 2 years of Research and Development, the molecular structure of each part of linden tree (buds, leaves, flowers and branches ), and having discovered numerous molecules very active against the aging of the skin, we have developed the 1st Complex reproducing all the activity of the tree thanks to biotechnology. Thanks to its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-MMPP molecules (fight against the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers), it acts on all the skin's beauty markers, including radiance. Indeed, it also contains organic acids, these famous AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), malic and citric acids, which provide very gentle exfoliation allowing on a daily basis to peel off and eliminate dead cells, and to promote cell renewal . They are real radiance enhancers , which do not create any risk of irritation.
  • This innovation restores the plant strength of the linden tree with maximum efficiency :
    • Harvesting of linden trees (buds, branches, leaves and flowers) on the family estate in Dordogne , hence the total mastery of very high quality harvesting, by hand , on trees more than a hundred years old having never undergone any treatment.
    • Creation of the active ingredient from fresh, cryo-extracted material , for total integrity of the native cells , by adopting the learned technique of assembly as in champagne (association of the 4 extracts of the 4 parts of linden so as to obtain the best concentration of the most interesting assets).
    • Proven biological activity : traps 68.7% of free radicals, and inhibits 5-LOX (inflammation marker) by 64%.

2. White Lupine : strengthens collagen synthesis, smoothes micro-relief, improves micro-circulation and radiance of the complexion.

3. Verbena : hydrates, smoothes and energizes fibroblasts

4. Belle de nuit : increases resistance against attacks ,

5. Centifolia rose : from roses hand-picked in Provence, this active ingredient has a positive effect on the microbiome . It promotes self-repair , is an antioxidant and anti-dark spot , and it gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

The formula is vegan and tested under dermatological control.


Smoother skin

Remarkably effective on the quality of the skin, praised by users, "La Crème de Beauté" is a true sensory delight suitable for all skin types.

A “beautiful skin” day cream

Easy to spread and penetrate, "La Crème de Beauté " leaves the skin soft and supple, plumped and luminous, comfortable. Over the days, it smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, restores tone and elasticity, and a uniform and luminous complexion . The skin becomes more beautiful, healthy and radiant .

An anti-aging facial treatment popular with women

The clinical study that we conducted on 20 women over a month showed an exceptional level of satisfaction:

  • Smoother skin for 100% of women
  • Skin more hydrated for 100%
  • More supple skin for 95%
  • More radiant skin for 95%
  • Firmer skin for 90%
  • Skin more soothed for 90%

So, it’s up to you to give us your comments, we can’t wait to read them 😊


An ultra sensory texture 

Because for us, beauty does not come without sensoriality, and effectiveness without naturalness, "La Crème de Beauté" opens the day with a delicious texture. It is divinely scented with the linden blossom fragrance created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian , derived from the wonderful signature scent of the brand . Neuroscientific analyzes carried out on this note have shown that it arouses several emotions : relaxation, joy and comfort. The ones we need to experience most right now, right?

This silky emulsion, light but present, quickly absorbed, is intended for all skin types . It will become your little daily back-to-school treat, before putting on makeup (or not), to start the day with prettier skin and the smile of someone who has treated herself.

A day cream for all skin types

 "La Crème de Beauté" is a real “ swiss army knife ”, and this little wonder is an essential part of the morning routine , for all those who, for prevention or treatment, are looking for:

. a complete anti-aging and anti-wrinkle day treatment, protective, moisturizing and beautifying.

. a texture that is both light and comfortable

. an ultra natural, sensory and effective treatment.


How to take care of your face in the morning?

A simple and effective routine

"La Crème de Beauté" , for the day, is the ideal complement to "Le Baume qui Ressource" , our regenerating balm for the night , and is used after a tender and meticulous cleansing with our cleansing face gel, "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau" . It can be enriched with a drop of our nourishing & beautifying dry oil, "L'Huile Qui Enchante" for very dry skin, or applied just after it.

The solar filter is not recommended

If you are wondering if "La Crème de Beauté" contains a sun filter , the answer is definitely no! At TiL, we are convinced, like many scientists, that if sun protection is absolutely essential for sun exposure , it is harmful in daily use all year round and without sun exposure... What is the need to protect yourself from the sun with filters, potentially endocrine disruptors, to spend your day at the office?! And if it's in anticipation of your lunch on the terrace, it's a failure, because in your cream applied at 8 a.m., the filter will be deactivated at lunch time...

Choose treatments from the same brand

It is always preferable to use products from the same brand to avoid incompatibility or redundancy of assets, because the products within the brand are in principle designed to be complementary (this is the case at TiL): if the different formulas have common active ingredients, that is, the skin can accept 2 doses per day, and if they are different, it is because they have been chosen to be complementary.

"La Crème de Beauté" beautifies your days , to make them as beautiful as your nights! And above all to preserve the future that is good for your skin... because the more it is well protected during the day, the less it will need to be repaired at night.



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