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La fumigation ou le plein de bonnes énergies

Fumigation or filling up with good energy

Is fumigation a timeless witch’s trick?

A bit simplistic... Of course, no one is obliged to believe it and the vision of the irrational is very personal.

At TiL, we tend to think that what was practiced by the Ancients in all civilizations necessarily has a beneficial effect .

It is with this conviction that we have explored the virtues of the linden tree, which has been used empirically since the dawn of time, and have been able to scientifically prove its benefits.

The history of fumigation

Very anchored in ancestral tradition, in many cultures and for millennia, the fumigation ritual consists of burning dried medicinal herbs to purify and protect a place or a person.

It dates back to prehistoric times ! The only thing that differed depending on the region was the type of herbs used. It was also used in the past to honor the gods , and chase away evil spirits and negative energies.

The Celts thus purified their houses and stables, but also the outside to keep bacteria and viruses away.

Hindus and Buddhists to encourage meditation , Incan and Mayan shamans in South America to connect with the gods and spirits of the Ancients, Native Americans to purify and commune with nature, etc. Not one region of the world does not. Didn't practice!

How it works ?

Fire is a sacred element, the smoke of plants purifies space and people , lightens what is heavy and heavy ... We believe or not in the force of energies , but there is also a rational explanation for the virtues of fumigation , it's not just magic!

  • Smoke destroys microbes and bacteria , because it has purifying, bactericidal and disinfectant properties . .
  • Smoke also decreases the amount of positive ions by capturing them . These keep micro-particles, dust and spores aloft in the atmosphere, which provides a feeling of unease . However, our lifestyle and everything electronic (random example, the smartphone, etc.) releases a lot of positive ions, thus leading to an excess of positive ions ...

Thanks to the smoke, negative ions become the majority: what is suspended in the air is deposited on the ground, the atmosphere is cleansed , health improved (respiratory tract, immunity, psyche), and the feeling of well-being increase. This is also true in places where the air is very loaded with negative ions, such as mountains or forests, where we feel particularly good.

In what form ?

The medicinal plants are dried, assembled and tied into small bundles , which are lit and left to burn in well-closed rooms, then widely ventilated.


TiL fumigation, full of good energy

Do you know that the lime tree is the tree of protection , to the point that in the past people wore crushed bark as an amulet and hung it in the stables? It was also planted near hospitals because it was known to purify the air.

It is also the tree of joy , which repels melancholy, and the tree of feminine love and reconciliation .

So if there is anyone capable of spreading all his benefits by consuming himself , it's him!

We have associated it with sage , a traditional fumigation plant, and other plants such as mugwort, yarrow or hyssop .


TiL compositions

TiL fumigation sticks are made around a heart of silver linden , surrounded by sage , with several versions of complementary plants inside:

  • The flowering linden tree , a sacred plant, was already called the “Doctor Tree ” by Pliny the Elder in the 1st century because it had so many therapeutic virtues ! It cleanses the place and the person , absorbs negative vibrations , protects and brings softness, calm, harmony and sisterhood . The one we use is harvested from our family estate in Dordogne.
  • The medicinal sage around each stick purifies the energetic space around us, places and environment: house, exterior, object.
  • Yarrow protects and purifies , but also promotes love, courage and dynamism .
  • Mugwort is the plant used by the Druids for their ritual. It protects, captures negative energies and promotes clairvoyance, it prepares for renewal .
  • Hyssop is one of the plants most used to purify people's aura from negative waves, it chases away bad energies .

To choose according to your needs, 4 different sticks :

  • Linden, sage & yarrow
  • Linden, sage & mugwort
  • Linden, sage & hyssop
  • Linden, sage & sage flowers


Instructions for use

  • Close all doors and windows before the fumigation ritual.
  • Lightly cut the end of the stick, light one end until the plants turn red (repeat it several times if necessary), blowing on it.
  • Extinguish the flame , but the stick should continue to burn . If it goes out, turn it back on.
  • Enter the rooms of the house making circles with the stick , clockwise, with an intention.
  • Then leave the rooms closed for at least 1/2 hour , before opening and ventilating well .
  • At the end, place the stick in a cup by tapping the ember end, head down. Above all, make sure it is completely turned off before putting it away.

You can reuse it ten times (5 minutes each time).

Energy rebalancing , spiritual research , simple hygiene measures… The benefits of fumigation on the body and mind have been recognized for millennia. In these troubled times, reconnecting with ancestral rituals that affect our health and well-being is comforting.

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