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Le nettoyage de printemps à 360°

360° spring cleaning !

At the end of winter, when the buds appear to our great joy (yes, for our linden trees, they will be ready for picking by the end of March), breathes an air of renewal. And to welcome it, a cleaning frenzy seizes us.

Our home, our body, our mind, our skin… Everything goes!

The rebirth of the house

The tradition of spring cleaning comes from the countryside, where cellars and attics had to be emptied to make way for the new harvest...

Today too, at the slightest ray of sunshine, we open wide the windows, we tidy up, we sort, we donate, we throw away to make room. The returned light makes the dust more visible, cleaning gives a feeling of well-being and we replenish the energy lost during the winter.


A detoxified organism

At the end of winter, the body is often congested... Richer diet, sometimes a little too much wine to brighten up the long evenings and perhaps less physical exercise... toxins have accumulated.

A cure of our Detox &Glow Beauty Supplement, "La Poudre Zéro souci"  is more than welcome to dislodge them!

This delicious beauty supplement (yes, delicious is very rare) can be enjoyed as an infusion or with a dessert, but it is a real concentrate of linden (sapwood and flowers), lemon balm, burdock, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Its virtues? It helps the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins and waste to purify and cleanse the body, it soothes, relaxes and promotes sleep to start the spring rested. In addition, by detoxifying, it restores radiance &glow to the skin!

Clear skin

Who says spring, says brightness! So morning and evening, just one gourmet reflex: "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau, our Cleansing & Makeup Remover Face Gel, which cleanses the skin gently but deeply, and removes makeup perfectly.

A dab of this irresistible golden jelly, a little water and a divinely scented creamy foam is formed, to be massaged with your fingers to purify and at the same time caress the skin.

Gone are the impurities, dead cells, traces of rich, somewhat stifling winter treatments... the skin brightens day after day and the complexion regains a unique freshness.

A light spirit

In spring, we find an ascending energy, like the sap rising in the tree. Ready to move mountains!

To get in tune with nature, "L'Eau Qui Enlace" , our divine perfume created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, diffuses its notes of linden trees in bloom, airy and luminous, joyful and tender. A real "olfactory hug", enchanting and comforting, with intimate softness and incredible power of memory. Neuroscience has proven it: it triggers calm, joy and comfort. The 3 emotions we need most, right?!

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