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Bourgeons & rameaux de tilleul, une mine de bienfaits

Linden buds and twigs, a mine of benefits


Buds and twigs, a mine of benefits

At TiL, there are 2 annual harvests in the estate to develop our powerful cosmetic active ingredient, which reproduces all the tree’s regenerating activity on the skin: at the end of March we pick the buds and twigs, and at the end of June the flowers and leaves.

We tell you all about this 1st harvest!

The buds, a promise of renewal

In the buds burst all the promises of spring, the renewal of nature, the rising sap, the flowers, life... a little miracle that returns every year and which we have therefore included in our formulas.

At the end of winter dormancy , the buds emerge, swell, burst or rather “ burst ”. Each little green bud, resembling a pistachio, carries within itself all the promises of the tree, its genetic heritage, all its virtues, it is the totum . It is at the same time a branch, leaf, flower and fruit, full of molecules at the height of their power. It is life, because without them the tree would not exist.

It is at this precise moment that we harvest the linden buds, from our century-old trees, in Dordogne (in the heart of the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park), when they are swollen but not yet burst. A very narrow “shooting window”… Between March 20 and April 10, depending on the year and weather conditions, we watch every day for this prodigy of nature to pick them, by hand of course, at the peak of their activity, and it's a matter of hours.

Full of treasures

Linden buds contain in particular 2 families of essential molecules in the fight against premature aging of the skin , and this in high concentration :

  • Sugars, polysaccharides with powerful moisturizing properties, greater in quantities equal to those of hyaluronic acid . Rhamnose in particular accelerates cell renewal and protects collagen and elastin fibers , while fighting free radicals .
  • Polyphenols, more specifically flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant power and limit oxidative stress . They also have anti-inflammatory power

Holistic benefits

These precious linden buds are valued for their wonderful action on the skin but also on the mind.

In cosmetics, for the skin

The buds are combined with the leaves, flowers and branches of linden to constitute our exclusive active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, a moisturizing, soothing, anti-oxidant and regenerating concentrate which is at the heart of all our cosmetic products.

Harvested from trees that have never seen the shadow of treatment, they are immediately frozen on site, in the TiL domain, to freeze the integrity of their active molecules . Indeed, most often, the plant extracts used in cosmetics come from dried plants (simpler and easier to manage from a logistical point of view...therefore less expensive...) but, in doing so, they lose a good part of their activity.

At TiL, we are at their maximum potential : the buds are taken from trees in the wild , which are not crops but have been flourishing quietly for decades, picked at the best time within 24 hours, and used fresh to be valorized by biotechnology . Linden buds effectively contribute to making the skin plump and plump, smooth and fresh.

As a beuty supplement for the mind, with "L'Elixir de Serenité"

The buds are in fact used in gemmotherapy , “the art of healing with buds”, an ancient science. When they are about to burst, they are macerated according to the traditional recipe , in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin for 3 weeks, in the dark. We combine linden, fig and hawthorn buds in this macerate for their calming and soothing properties . L'Elixir de Serenité, our de-stress beauty supplement; is a small mouth spray to slip into your bag so you always have it with you. In just a few drops, it relieves stress, soothes peaks of anxiety, regulates emotional balance and sleep.

Coincidence or not, Fabrice Midal, philosopher, has just published “ The theory of the bud ” which takes up the symbolism of the strength and vitality carried by the bud . An essay to teach us how to cultivate that which resides in us so that it gives flowers and fruits. In other words, how can we regain our vital momentum ? To read without moderation.

The unsuspected virtues of the branches

At the same time as picking the buds, we also collect the branches. These are the small branches carrying the buds. Fragile and tender green in spring, these branches harden during summer and turn dark green.

Why are these branches essential to the TiL active quartet, Tiliactiv4®? They mainly contain moisturizing sugars, anti-oxidant polyphenols and organic acids (AHAs promoting cell renewal ) which all help to beautify the skin and slow down aging .

They are, just like our buds , used fresh, to the maximum of their active potential.

It is by combining for the first time in the world these 4 parts of lime, and all their precious molecules, that we develop the unique effectiveness of Tiliactiv4® each year.

We will tell you more about the properties of the flowers and leaves during the second picking in June…

For now, here’s to spring!

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