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Bye bye l’hiver !

Bye bye winter!

In a little more than a month, it’s spring … what a joy to find all its promises!

So, we are actively preparing ourselves to welcome it and take advantage of its benefits, by purifying our skin and body before its arrival. The change of season is often trying and is the ideal period for an overall detox. And the famous spring cleaning does not only apply to your cupboards

Spring awakening

Why is it time to flush out the toxins and wake up?

They have accumulated during the long winter months… rich and heavy food adapted to the cold, often with an excess of fat and sugar, a skin that looks grey because it has been subjected to temperature changes from freezing cold to overheated atmospheres, saturated with often rich products that suffocate it.

It needs to breathe, to be liberated, and this requires a meticulous cleaning on the surface, but also a purification from the inside, which cleanses the body as well as the skin.

Ingesting detoxifying food supplements, by stimulating the liver, boosts the effectiveness of cosmeticcare to display a beautiful and healthy skin.

And if you also moisturize your skin, drink a lot of water, and adopt a lighter diet, with physical activity, it’s all good.

Linden blossom, the detox par excellence

Linden tree sapwood, the soft part of the wood between the bark and the heart of the tree, is a powerfuldrainer for the body. It gently cleanses the whole body by stimulating the emunctories (organs of elimination): liver, gallbladder, kidneys and intestines. It favors the filtration of toxins and waste by the liverand rebalances the biliary secretion, thus favoring a good digestion.

And a formidable soothing agent universally recognized

– On the mind : Famous for calming the nervous system, it promotes sleep. It is no coincidence that it has been drunk as an herbal tea in the evening for centuries! And at the end of winter, we feel so tired that any good night is a blessing…

– On the skin: its infinite softness soothes skin inflamed by winter and easily prone to tightness, discomfort, itching… Linden plays the role of a real balm, and the skin finds calm and balance.

Linden tree at the heart of TiL

This “ordinary” tree with extraordinary virtues for the body, the psyche, and the skin, already called “the doctor tree” by Pliny the Elder (1st century Roman naturalist), is the foundation of TiL. Holistic, it has entirely guided the creation of the brand, which acts on the outside (the skin) and the inside of the body.

As spring approaches, here is the detoxification ritual to approach it in top shape and with radiance. 😊

La Poudre Zéro Souci

A delicious, super effective food supplement that can be drunk like an herbal tea or eaten with a dessert, do you know any others? This one is both detoxifying and calming, and in addition gives the skin a glow.

Concentrated extracts of linden blossom and sapwood, known since the dawn of time for their draining and purifying properties, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and minerals, it purifies the body by stimulating the elimination of toxins and waste by the liver and kidneys. It regulates biliary secretion and improves digestion. This makes the skin more luminous, fresh and beautiful. Gone is the winter accumulation, we quickly feel lighter …

The Poudre Zéro Souci also soothes physically and mentally, and promotes sleep … fall asleep like a baby and have a peaceful night, we dream about it, right?

Our advice: a teaspoon every night in hot water or sprinkled on yogurt or compote, to feel good in every sense of the word.

La Gelée à Fleur de Peau

Morning and evening (yes, both, it’s an essential purity routine!), this delicious gel cleanses and removes makeup with tenderness, thanks to its moisturizing active ingredients and an ultra-gentle natural cleansing agent (99% natural origin, and vegan). It contains Tiliactiv4®, the first exclusive concentrate of flowers, leaves, buds and twigs of linden trees, from the family estate in Dordogne.

On contact with water, it transforms into a creamy foam that eliminates all impurities and traces of make-upthat suffocate the skin and make it dull.

After rinsing, the skin is clean and pure, fresh and radiant, soft and comfortable. So effective that even teenagers have adopted it for its ability to make their skin imperfections disappear in a few days! Plus, with its divine fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian, it takes you on a real olfactory journey every day, under an avenue of blooming linden trees.

At TiL, we care about your skin, of course, but also about your body and mind because we are all one. What happens on the inside shows up on your face, and the balance of body and mind shows up on your skin. Bye bye winter and its aftermath, welcome spring, with a healthy body and pure, radiant skin.

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