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Envie de chaleur ?

Want warmth?

Everyone talks to you about winter and the cold, well we want to talk to you about heat!

The one that we share , the one that warms our hearts and minds , the one that we want to receive but also to offer .
Christmas, everyone puts the meaning they want into it, but it is often one of the highlights of warmth in the year, in any case that is all we wish you.

But we want heat all year round in fact!! And frankly in this period of health crisis, we are lacking …. So anything that can be warm, we'll take it!

And this concerns the mind, the body and the skin…

A warm spirit

Conviviality, human warmth, attention to others warm the heart and

boost the hormones of well-being and happiness . They reduce anxiety by slowing down the synthesis of cortisol , the stress hormone :

  • Serotonin : responsible for good mood
  • Dopamine : pleasure hormone
  • Endorphin : hormone of happiness .
  • Oxytocin : hormone of tenderness , that of social bond and attachment.

Every opportunity to treat yourself releases endorphins, which are calming and anti-stress.

Laugh, love , eat chocolate , savor a perfume , touch your skin with a sensory texture …. See your friends and those you love. Even petting your dog or cat has a positive influence.

Warm up your body

What could be more delicious in winter than sinking into a hot bath (yes, we know, it's not very eco-responsible, but we didn't say every day either!). Add a few drops of our Cleansing Soothing Body & Hair Wash in a bubble bath to have the delicious smell of linden blossoms in the bathroom. Don't stay there for hours because it will soften, but long enough to do you good.

And then don't hesitate, when possible, to sit next to a fireplace to see the flames dance, listen to the wood crackle, smell it in every sense of the word, its smell and this sensation of heat that floods you. In the absence of a fire, a hot water bottle can do the trick!

Drink lots of hot food , in all its forms, from vegetable soup to broth, including hot chocolate, and of course our Detox beauty supplement. Not only is it delicious to drink, but it is a very concentrated and complete food supplement , detoxifying the body , relaxing the mind to promote sleep , and radiance of the skin .

And if you have a fever in winter, did you know that the lime tree , already called the “doctor tree” by Pliny the Elder, is renowned for lowering the temperature ? An infusion of flowers is an excellent ally in feverish and flu-like conditions.

In 1957, a year of heavy flu in France, 500 tonnes of linden flowers were infused (20% more than the average) !

Skin warm, but not too warm

In winter, there is the heat of the sun , weak but which warms and above all provides vitamin D , so take advantage of it as soon as you can, and heaven willing!

Who says heat, says light and therefore a clear complexion . But in winter, it is often dull . And since, in general, we have a “papier maché” appearance, this doesn’t help us to feel at the top of our influence.

So don't use too much hot water, otherwise the blood vessels will dilate, causing redness and rosacea.

But on the other hand, use heat with steam to open the pores and cleanse your skin thoroughly from time to time, for example once a week.

Pure skin regains oxygen and therefore radiance , and all treatments will be even more effective afterwards.  Our Soothing Cleansing & make up Remover Face Gel , "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau" cleanses like no other with tenderness , and our Regenerating Night Balm , "Le Baume qui Ressource" envelops your skin in a real cozy cocoon .

So, may this end of year be sweet…and warm to you ☺️!

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