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Changer de saison sans fatigue

Change seasons without fatigue

We have just spent a few months in hibernation … functioning in slow motion, irresistible desire to stay snuggled up under the blanket, lack of energy, perpetual fatigue … the decrease in light and temperatureare the culprits.

Some are more affected than others by this phenomenon, but in all cases, we are impacted by winter, physically and mentally.

So, at the end of the winter, we are looking forward to getting back into great shape…

Or not … 🙂  Because at the time of the change of season, we can feel on the contrary an extreme fatigue.

We explain to you why and especially how to recover!

A hibernation mode

In winter, the metabolism of the whole body slows down, it is our little bear side 😊

The shorter days influence our biological rhythms and our sleep. The brain produces an excess of melatonin, the sleep hormone, because of the decrease in light that manages our internal clock. This makes us want to sleep more, and according to studies, we need half an hour more each winter night.

In addition, the body spends more energy to fight against the cold.

And to top it all off, stress often increases in winter, which makes you tired, especially since it prevents you from sleeping… It’s a vicious circle!

Spring fatigue

Have you noticed how exhausted and lacking in energy you feel when spring arrives, the birds are singing, and the vegetation is slowly coming out of winter?

It’s normal, there are several reasons:

– Our immune system has been fighting germs all winter, it is tired.

– Our body must readjust itself because it has secreted more melatonin during the winter, and now it has to balance it with the level of serotonin, a stimulating hormone. This is not done in one day, but in several weeks, and it is also tiring.

– The temperature variations tire the body, already intoxicated by the rich meals of the winter (engorged liver).

– Our body temperature has slightly decreased for months, and then increases again, the blood vessels loosen, and the blood pressure drops. All this requires energy, the time to rebalance and explains the fatigue of the change of season.

    How to recover?

    – Exercise, because the dopamine and endorphins secreted contribute to well-being and an overall good mood.

    – Compensate for winter deficiencies with a lighter diet rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements (oranges, dried fruit, avocados, parsley, etc.)

    – Detoxify the body, through food, but also food supplements.

    – Take advantage of the sun’s rays as soon as you can

    – And most importantly, get enough sleep.

    The importance of sleep

    It impacts the whole metabolism: the immune system, memory and concentration… without forgetting the skin.

    To recover properly, we must sleep at least 7 hours, but we have lost 1h30 of sleep in 5 decades…

    While sleeping, the brain eliminates the waste accumulated during the day.

    Sleep is therefore essential for memory, concentration and “performance”, and when insufficient, it increases the risk of numerous pathologies, in addition to deep fatigue.

    The keys to sleep better

    – Eat a light dinner, and not a late one, because that’s when the night comes!

    – Drink a lot of water and a herbal tea after dinner; linden blossom tea in particular helps you fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep. Even better, choose a detoxifying drink, preferably in the form of a food supplement, such as Poudre Zéro Souci. Ultra-concentrated in linden blossom and sapwood, lemon balm, burdock, magnesium and vitamin B6, it relaxes, improves sleep and its quality, and also detoxifies the body.

    – Avoid excitants, tea and coffee, after 4 pm.

    – Adopt the “digital curfew”: no screens after 9 pm, replace them with a book instead…

    – Create a bedroom that is conducive to sleep: a place made for sleeping, well ventilated, a temperature below 19°, soft and welcoming bed linen, delicate fragrances such as Eau qui Enlace, created by Francis Kurkdjian, for which a neuroscientific study has proven the relaxing and comforting effect.

    – Try to take some time for yourself, take a break before going to bed

    – Surround yourself with positive people. Toxic people drain your energy and make you brood at night.

    – Try to rest emotionally by doing things that clear your head and lighten your mind :  writing (that’s why we thought of our little happiness notebooks for Christmas!), meditate, do yoga, connect to nature…

    – Work on your breathing in bed, for a few minutes at night, it improves the quality of your sleep.

    – Also think about your skin, as it regenerates at night, at the peak of cell renewal. Le Baume qui Ressource ensures that it sleeps well and wakes up feeling rested.

    A good night’s sleep is a guarantee for a good morning. So, let’s do everything we can to get out of winter with our bodies, minds and skin well prepared to welcome spring and all its sunny promises, we need it so much!

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