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Certains l’aiment froid !

Some like it cold

Are you nostalgic for the summer, the warmth, the radiant sun? Does winter seem endless? However, there are many reasons to like the cold, so we might as well be positive and appreciate all its good sides!

The benefits of cold on body

The cold is good for the morale, contrary to what you may think. In fact, what gives us a slump is the absence of light. Of course …” the light intensity outside is limited to 1 500 lux on average against 10 000 on a clear summer day … “! (

  • Cold boosts the hormones that regulate mood, including endorphins that reduce stress and provide a sense of well-being. It therefore improves mood disorders.
  • Cold is a painkiller for muscles and joints…but it also acts against migraines, swelling, heavy legs, sprains…it is a real analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
  • It is not by chance that cold therapy is used for athletes.
  • It stimulates the blood circulation, the blood arrives faster to the vital organs
  • Cold strengthens our immune system by increasing the production of lymphocytes.
  • It decreases colds, because when it is very cold, there are fewer viruses and bacteria (if we are sick, it is because we live in a vacuum inside).
  • It burns calories, and that without doing anything, it is all beneficial.
  • It evacuates the “white fat” (stored on the belly and thighs), and it is the anti-cellulite par excellence!
  • It promotes detoxification: cold stimulates the lymphatic system, which eliminates waste. The cold triggers the contraction of the lymphatic vessels, thus promoting evacuation.
  • It favors sleep, hence the interest of a cool room (18°), and concentration.

  • The virtues of cold on the skin

    • It decreases the production of sebum, so the skin is less oily in winter.
    • It has a tightening effect and tightens the pores, thus refining the skin’s texture, which appears smoother and more radiant.
    • It accentuates microcirculation, which restores radiance to the complexion.
    • In addition, it firms the skin, making it more toned.
    • Decongestant, it deflates the bags under the eyes (you know the famous small cold spoon to apply under the eyes the mornings chagrined … ?).
    • It makes the hair shine by closing the scales, and supports their growth


    The happiness of cocooning

    By the fire, candle lit, cup of hot chocolate, a book in hand, or in front of a series, a big soft sweater… with a pancake or pancakes at Candlemas, a lie-in, chill out… that’s also the pleasure of winter

The feel good plate of winter

Adopt foods full of vitamins and nutrients, and fill your plate with magnesium, omega3, vitamins B and C, good fats, proteins… Nature has provided everything, offering you sweet potatoes, beets, green vegetables such as spinach, lamb’s lettuce, oily fish, oils, whole grains, oil seeds and especially nuts, fresh or dried fruits and especially bananas, dark chocolate, tea. Eat without moderation!

TiL helps you get through the winter in cozy mode

Treat yourself to little moments of joy, that’s why TiL was created. So many rays of sunshine for your skin, body and mind in the heart of winter… Here is a small selection:

Skin care products that pamper the skin

If the cold is good for the skin, it is important to moisturize and nourish it because it needs comfort, and to protect it with cozy care products that form a protective cocoon.

La gelée à fleur de peau  

Pure softness!

This gourmand crystal jelly, as golden as an infusion, transforms into a creamy foam when emulsified with water.

99% natural origin, it contains Tiliactiv4®, the exclusive TiL active ingredient made from linden trees from the family estate in Dordogne (flowers, leaves, buds and twigs), moisturizing ingredients and an ultra-gentle natural cleansing agent.

Discreetly scented with the note of TiL, a divine linden blossom composed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian that delights the senses, it eliminates all impurities and traces of makeup that suffocate the skin and make it dull.

After rinsing with water, it leaves the skin clean and pure, fresh and radiant, soft and comfortable. An addictive delight in the morning to cleanse, and in the evening to remove make-up, with all the tendernessthat we need even more in winter.


A soft balm for the face…

A skin comforter, even more essential in winter!

With its ultra-comfortable but non-greasy texture, Le Baume qui Ressource comforts all skin types and ensures a recuperative sleep.

During the night, when the skin is repairing itself, this velvety cream-balm, 98% natural origin, infuses it with moisturizing, soothing, anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. It is concentrated in Tiliactiv4®,surrounded by passionflower, nasturtium, rose centifolia, alfalfa that fight against the signs of accelerated aging due to stress and external aggressions, including the cold, and strengthen the natural defenses.When you wake up in the morning, your skin will be moisturized and nourished, smoothed and plumped up, fresh and revitalized. Like all those who, during a clinical study, noticed their skin smoother (95% of them), more hydrated and comfortable (90%), more rested (80%).

The food supplement that detoxifies and improves sleep

In Chinese medicine, winter corresponds to the energies of the kidney and bladder, everything that has a link with water. It is therefore essential to promote this balance by eliminating waste and toxins. This is what the delicious poudre zero souci does, concentrated in linden (sapwood and flowers), lemon balm, burdock, vitamin B6 and magnesium. It purifies the body, promotes digestion and restores radiance to the skin. It calms mental and physical and ensures a better sleep.

A teaspoon in the evening in hot water, and you enjoy a daily cup of healthy and tasty delight, with the effectiveness of a food supplement! Something to change the winter evenings.

An olfactory caress with a cuddly fragrance

L’Eau Qui Enlace, composed by the famous and talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, takes you to the benevolent shade of a blooming linden trees.

Fresh and round, enveloping and luminous, it is a tender and joyful fragrance with a subtle reminiscence of childhood. It smells divine, and moreover it does good by acting throughout the day on the psyche.

A neuroscientific study has scientifically measured the impact of TiL fragrance on emotions: it brings joy, relaxation and… comfort! What more could you ask for in the middle of winter?

And then after winter, when we want to curl up in a warm cocoon while the trees are dormant, comes spring, with its explosion of nature and all its promises. It is already in preparation, so a little more patience while seeing only the good side of things. 😊

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