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Famille, je vous aime !

Family, I love you !

It's been 30 years since the UN established May 15 as the International Day of Families , which shows how much the family is acclaimed ...

At a time when benchmarks and values ​​are lost, where an anxiety-provoking climate reigns, the family once again becomes the refuge where one can take shelter to do good and comfort oneself.

Family, a shelter, an anchor.

Whatever its form, classic, reconstituted, single or homo parental, extended or restricted, the family regains its letters of nobility. She knew how to adapt, become elastic, recognize the freedom and differences of each person while often remaining united.

If in the past the family was used to ensure descendants and pass on heritage, today it is a bubble of affection and trust.

We know each other by heart, so there's no point pretending, and that alone is relaxing!

Oh it's not always a smooth river, there are ups and down 😊… there are tensions, buried grievances, clashes of personalities and lifestyles, and the episodes of confinement may have burst some of them; but in most cases, it has been the pillar around which to gather and rediscover one's virtues, a place of warmth and renewal.

Family support comes into play, and everyone sticks together.

A cardinal value which explains the explosion of family vacations and large tables, the desire to keep the family home as much as possible, the place of so many shared moments and memories, or to recreate one to offer this opportunity invaluable to his children. Besides, cousins ​​are coming back into fashion.

A new look is taken at our elders and seniors , some work together but this time, it is the parents who are the employees of their children, or become real influencers, endearing and with strong credibility. End of the era of youthism?

Family is also grandmother's recipes which are hugely successful, for cooking , maintaining a house with simple and natural products , as opposed to all chemicals, or even beauty recipes, with tips passed down from generation to generation...


Family at TiL

We are lucky to be a very united family. A true tribe , which survives beyond the vagaries of life, bereavements, divorces, remarriages, and finds itself in the family estate of Dordogne which saw us grow up. The one who is the birthplace of TiL.

So of course, the linden tree reigns supreme, but also our mother's recipes of Italian origin, which have delighted us since childhood. 

No summer without picking our linden flowers , which offer their soothing warmth in our winter herbal teas, and are also the basis of different recipes: from skin-softening floral lotions to calming flower-infused baths for children. , to dessert creams , including linden blossom jelly on our toast.

Let's talk about this one, such a delight that, when creating TiL, we wanted to adapt it for the skin!

This gave a divine cleanser-makeup remover, named "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau",  , with the identical texture, crystal, granite and golden, exuding the delicious scent of linden flowers , created by Francis Kurkdjian . At the heart of this 99% natural origin formula, the first exclusive concentrate of flowers, leaves, buds and branches from the linden trees in the family park. Soothing, hydrating, anti-oxidant and as gentle as the tenderness of a family, with remarkable effectiveness on the purity and radiance of the skin .

We also chose the linden tree as the star of our annual edition of herbal tea, "Les Fleurs du Bien" , to share in the evening with the family, for a serene evening and a quality night . An exclusive and artisanal blend of 6 plants , whose precious flowering tops recreate a real bouquet in the cup, with sublime colors.

They do as much good as they are beautiful, acting on the general well-being of the body and mind : sleep but also the respiratory, hormonal and digestive spheres, thanks to their composition:

  • Linden flowers , golden yellow, known throughout time to soothe the mind and promote sleep
  • Melissa flowers from Moldova which regulates sleep
  • winter thyme flowers , linked to the respiratory sphere
  • Sage flowers which regulate the hormonal system and soothe disorders.
  • Mauve flowers from Mauritania , linked to the digestive system.
  • Monarda leaves which improve digestion.




The advantage in the family is that we can slam the doors while adoring each other... And when that door reopens we find the affection, tenderness and warmth that we so need.

For those who life has not spoiled in this aspect, not too much frustration, because the family of the heart, we create it for ourselves and it is as precious as that of blood, sometimes more. And something immutable, in this often complicated life, is reassuring, right?






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