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L'Élixir de Sérénité

Anti-stress spray
Sale price€39,00 EUR

L’Élixir de Sérénité is a blend of linden, hawthorn, and fig tree bud macerates, containing all their calming and anti-stress properties to alleviate tension, agitation, fear, or anxiety. This small spray bottle is everything TiL was created for – favoring a good mood, balancing the mind, preserving vitality, energy, and emotional well-being by helping to overcome difficult moments, let go, relax, and balance emotions.

Anti-stress & anti-anxiety
Calming & soothing
3 to 6 sprays per day
Certified organic
Made in France
L'Élixir de Sérénité
L'Élixir de Sérénité Sale price€39,00 EUR