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Votre plus joli souvenir d'odeur de Tilleul...

Your prettiest Linden scent memory...

You talk about it best!

When we imagined TiL, we were very struck by how the smell of linden flowers was a real Proust madeleine for many of you.

Inscribed in the collective memory , this delicious scent, celebrated in literature, has floated since our childhood in schoolyards, village squares, the magnificent gardens of big cities, the parks of castles, family homes. Engraved in our minds, it brings up many memories and you were inexhaustible when we asked for your testimonies!

You will find them below, and they will surely trigger many tender, light and joyful evocations in you.



“The Linden tree always sits proudly, protectively, in the middle of my grandparents' garden and it is for me dozens of childhood memories... The sweet and captivating scent of its flowers that we carefully collect. Its shadow in summer when the sun is too strong. He has seen generations follow each other in this house, it has hosted wild games of belote, endless meals, laughter, tears too, children's games and elders' naps. It's everything and much more. »


“It was in the playground in Provence: large, very leafy trees protected us from the blazing sun. I saw a friend chewing small seeds which he extracted from a tiny wrinkled shell. -“Vé! It’s edible you know, it’s my dad who told me, it’s the seeds of the linden tree!” While the comrade resumed his rodent work, I looked with raised nose at this dance of the linden flowers in the primary school courtyard, with the wind. »


“Nice, avenue Jean Medecin… I come out of the cinema and with my nose in the air, I smell the intoxicating scent of the linden trees… obviously, a man bumps into me, I apologize, he invites me to have a drink… a few months later, he became my companion…thank you for the scent of linden trees! »

“The linden tree is for me the protective tree, it remains in the precious memories of another life in Bougival. Majestic and gigantic, it watched over our room offering beneficial shade during the summer, a tender green tone flooded the room when the linden tree played in the sun and its smell offered an incomparable fragrance to our nights. I had renamed our old house, tinted with an old pink, the House of Linden because I loved to believe deeply that he was above all the master of the place. Since each linden tree that I pass on a walk, by bike, in town or in the countryside, graces me with its incomparable smell like no other like a perfume that accompanies my memories.


“So many childhood memories with my grandmother who dried linden blossom and verbena to make herbal teas. She made bags for the parish fair, I helped her! The linden trees of the schoolyard where we were looking for a little coolness to play hopscotch, bungee jumping, knucklebones. »


“It’s the smell that I associate with the memory of a stormy evening, when I came home from school. The smell mixed with the smell of warm, wet earth and that of the soaked white cotton t-shirt. Soothing memory. »




Do you know many trees that celebrate the senses and shake the memory to this extent?

The linden tree is undoubtedly the most emotional tree there is; this is what entirely guided the creation of TiL, with products that are obviously natural and effective, but also incredibly sensorial to offer you a few carefree minutes under an avenue of linden trees in bloom... The interpretation that made by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian in L'Eau Qui Enlace, our delicate eau de toilette,  was scrutinized by neuroscience during a study. It emerged that its olfactory note impacted 3 emotions, those that we probably need the most at the moment... joy, relaxation and comfort.








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