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Comment prendre soin de nos cheveux pendant l’été ?

How to take care of our hair during summer?

If every year you end summer with straw-like hair on your head 😊, then read these tips to limit the damage and maintain smooth and shiny hair.

Like we know it’s not conceivable to expose skin to sun without protection, and even strong protection, hair is often neglected. However they require the same care as our skin: protection, hydration, and nourishment.

The damages your hair faces


In small amounts, the sun stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, promoting hair growth. However, the summer period is fraught with dangers for our hair!

They are attacked by the wind, heat, UV rays, sea salt, and chlorine from pools

  • Chlorine dries out the hair by reducing its natural protective oil, making it brittle.
  • Sea salt retains water and prevents the hair from retaining the moisture it needs; its salt crystals are corrosive and lift the hair cuticles, causing dryness.
  • UV rays damage the keratin by also lifting the cuticles.
  • As for heat, it makes the nape of the neck damp, creating frizz that we don’t like at all. It flattens the hair, greases the scalp, and dries out the ends.
  • The scalp itself becomes dehydrated, leading to the appearance of dandruff. The hair becomes thinner, more brittle, split, and prone to falling out. The finer the hair, the more fragile it is.

Moreover, the effects vary depending on the hair type: if the hair is oily, seawater helps cleanse it, but if it’s dry, the highly basic pH of salt and iodine irritates and further weakens it. Often, we end up with “hay” on our heads at the end of summer. With a bit of luck, they even have a yellow color… 😊 and it’s even worse for colored hair! While we love the beautiful golden highlights that the sun gives us, be careful, as they are due to oxidation, which lifts the hair cuticles and damages the keratin.

So, we pamper our hair to prevent them from drying out and getting damaged, risking having to cut off what cannot be recovered after the summer. Once hair is damaged, it stays damaged for a long time…

Tips and tricks that can save the day:

  • Tie your hair up: braids, buns, ponytails… It makes detangling easier later on.
  • Protect them from UV rays with a hat, bandana, or specific sun protection product with UV filters, which forms a protective barrier and makes them water-resistant. Avoid using coconut oil or monoi oil, as they fry and burn the hair. Instead, use a protective treatment before going into the water.
  • Detangle the hair after swimming and rinse immediately with fresh water, whether you’re coming out of the pool or the sea.
  • Avoid using hair dryers, which strip the hair and cause damage.
  • In the evening, remove salt and sunscreen by thoroughly rinsing with lukewarm water, then cold water for at least 1 minute to close the cuticles and restore shine.
  • Use a gentle shampoo, like “Le Gel Qui Fait Chanter”. This pearly fluid gel, with very gentle plant-based surfactants, creates a tender and abundant milky foam when in contact with water. It has a delightful fragrance with delicate notes of blooming linden, created by Francis Kurkdjian. Conveniently, it cleanses both the skin and hair perfectly, leaving them clean, shiny, hydrated, supple, and silky, while soothing the scalp and providing a great sense of well-being. It contains Tiliactiv4®, our exclusive concentrated soothing, hydrating, and antioxidant lime extract, derived from our family estate in Dordogne.
  • Use nourishing and hydrating masks and oils generously, especially if you have colored and weakened hair. The ideal option is to leave them overnight, covered with a towel. The ultimate product? “L’Huile Qui Enchante”.

This multi-purpose dry oil is an exquisite reparative treatment for both the skin and hair. It’s a treasure trove of benefits, complemented by a truly comforting olfactory experience, thanks to its addictive floral and sensual fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian. It fights premature aging, preserves hydration, nourishes, and adds brilliant shine, leaving the hair supple and shiny.

At the heart of this treatment are silver linden flowers harvested in our family estate in Dordogne, macerated in camelina oil. This macerate is moisturizing, antioxidant, and regenerating, surrounded by softening vegetable oils and white lupine…

Clinical tests have shown that:

  • 100% of women are captivated by its texture, effectiveness, and comfort.
  • 95% appreciate its gentleness, silky and smoothing qualities.
  • 90%* fall under the spell of its fragrance and notice the hair’s shine.


    So this summer, remember to take care of not only your skin but also your hair. They go hand in hand and are the key to beautiful and healthy hair when the new season starts! It can also save you from needing a haircut…






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