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Une rentrée sans bouton, c'est possible !

Back to school without blemishes!

If you too report a good glow from your summer, a tanned complexion, a rested and relaxed look, but skin that is not very clear, with imperfections , which spoil its radiance a little, read on!

You will understand why the little back-to-school pimples are a normal reaction and, above all, how to remedy them.

The rebound effect

In reality, the process is quite simple. During the summer, under the combined effects of sun, wind, sea, and pool, the skin dries out and thickens. Why?

  • The skin becomes drier and dehydrates. To compensate, it overproduces sebum.
  • Nature has equipped it with a natural protective mechanism against UVA and UVB rays, hyperkeratinization: to prevent them from reaching the deep dermal cells, epidermal cells called keratinocytes multiply by two in just a few days of sun exposure, making the skin thicker. As a result, sebum circulates and evacuates less effectively, leading to clogged pores. It remains trapped in the epidermis, where it accumulates. Come back-to-school time, the epidermis starts to thin again, and there’s a “sebum unloading,” leading to breakouts and imperfections!

It’s incredibly frustrating because, initially, the sun dries out small blemishes, and you finally feel like you have beautiful, healthy skin.

But that’s not considering the famous rebound effect, which appears at back-to-school like a boomerang!

Added to the thickening of the epidermis during the summer are the buildup of greasy sunscreens, which may not be completely removed at night, a more festive diet, back-to-school stress… all of which result in congested and imperfect skin upon returning from vacation. Misfortunes never come alone!

Clear skin tips

Deep, gentle cleansing

When it comes to cleansing, “stripping” the skin with an overly aggressive product is worse than anything, as it stimulates imperfections. Superficial cleansing, such as with micellar water, doesn’t solve anything.

The must-have for back-to-school is to opt for a non-greasy, water-rinsable texture that leaves the skin perfectly pure while acting gently. That’s why our Cleansing & Makeup Remover Gel, "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau", is so successful, combining all the advantages:

  • A divine jelly texture that transforms into a light and creamy foam upon contact with water, removing all impurities, excess sebum, dead cells, and more. It’s essential to use it in the morning to freshen up after nighttime secretions and in the evening to remove all the day’s dirt and makeup. Its delicate scent of linden blossom makes it utterly addictive.
  • At the heart of this formula, which is 99% of natural origin, is Tiliactiv4®, our exclusive active ingredient composed of linden flowers, leaves, buds, and branches from the family estate in Dordogne. It’s a concentration of soothing, hydrating, and antioxidant molecules. Additionally, it contains small amounts of organic acids, namely malic and citric acids, which gently exfoliate the skin and promote cellular renewal. Impurities are easily removed, and the skin regains a healthy and radiant appearance. Our Jelly has remarkable results on imperfect teenage skin.

The surfactants present in the formula (foaming agents) are of plant origin and extremely gentle.

This makes it the winning combination for back-to-school to regain uniform and luminous skin!


Powerful daily hydration, with a non-greasy texture:

  • Our new Day Cream , "La Creme de Beauté"  is a fluid and fresh emulsion, which leaves the skin silky, perfectly hydrated and which at the same time smoothes it and gives it a plump and supple appearance . Concentrated in natural anti-aging active ingredients: Tiliactiv4® , white lupine, verbena, centifolia rose and night beauty, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines over the days, restores elasticity and luminosity.

Of 99% natural origin, it was acclaimed during clinical tests:

Smoother skin for 100%* of women
More hydrated skin for 100%*
More supple skin for 95%
More radiant skin for 95%*
Firmer skin for 90%*
Skin more soothed for 90%

* study carried out on 20 women after one month of use.


Radiance also comes from within!

Because the beauty of the skin is treated on the surface but also from within the body, our Detox & Glow Food Supplement, "La Poudre Zéro Souci" , is detoxifying and radiance booster .

This delicious powder to be diluted in water is a concentrate of linden (sapwood and flowers), burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and trace elements . It purifies the body by eliminating toxins and gives radiance to the skin . In addition, it relaxes and promotes sleep , not bad at the start of the school year, right?


The psyche can be read on the skin...

The skin is the mirror of the soul, and stress is terrible for the quality and radiance of the skin, it is its best enemy. So, try to keep moments for yourself, and soothe your mind... To help you, our destress food supplement,  "L'Elixir de Sérénité",  uses gemmotherapy (the science of buds) with a macerate of fresh buds from linden, fig and hawthorn, soothing and relaxing, anti-stress and anxiety peaks . A few spritzes of this mouth spray help you gain distance !

Some other reflexes to adopt!

. Reduce alcohol, drink plenty of water and herbal teas, eat anti-inflammatory foods rich in omega 3 without moderation. A less fatty, less sugary diet , filling up on vegetables (half the plate) and proteins , particularly plant-based.

. Do not fiddle with the buttons , as this on the contrary reinforces the infectious source by depositing bacteria ! Yes we know, it's annoying and if you can't help it, it's at least with ultra-clean hands, and disinfecting afterwards.

. Back to school isn't always fun, so you might as well face it with a bang! Luminous and clear skin, without imperfections, with a remnant of tan, and a calm mind ... Already we look in the mirror with better morale 😊





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