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La peau dans tous ses éclats !

Skin and glow : the TiL tips to have a radiant skin !



Have you noticed how the current trend in cosmetics is all about brightness? The famous “glow” from the Anglo-Saxon world? The radiance from Asia? Finally, we’ve understood that healthy, luminous, and radiant skin is much more important in terms of beauty than the number of wrinkles! A dull complexion gives the impression of fatigue and a lack of vitality… At TiL, brightness is at the heart of our approach because the linden tree, already nicknamed the “doctor tree” by Pliny the Elder in the 1st century, has, among its various powers, the ability to illuminate the skin.

Where does this brightness come from?

It’s all about how light is properly reflected: luminosity comes from the skin’s ability to scatter light in all directions. Anything that obstructs this, such as enlarged pores, minor imperfections, lines, or shiny areas, absorbs light and no longer reflects it. The smoother the epidermis and the more uniform its color, the better light is reflected, and the complexion becomes radiant.

Why does the skin lose its radiance?

As usual, the factors are both environmental and internal: poor nutrition, stress, tobacco, pollutants that suffocate the skin, lack of sleep, and dehydration. Dull skin appears somewhat gray, with a blurred complexion, uneven tone, sometimes with spots, lacking brightness.


The golden rules of glow

Thorough Daily Cleansing: To remove all impurities and exfoliate dead cells that dull the complexion, a very gentle exfoliation activates micro-circulation and promotes oxygenation.

Hydration, Inside and Out: Well-hydrated skin ensures a more luminous, plump, and smooth complexion that reflects light perfectly. To ensure that skin cells perform their tasks properly and don’t slow down, they need to be adequately hydrated. Otherwise, toxins and waste accumulate, leading to imperfections. Numerous factors dehydrate the skin, including heat and cold, wind, sun, air conditioning, pollution, and natural hydration factors diminish with age.

Epidermal Regeneration: The skin acts as a shield against external aggressors. To function properly, it undergoes a cell renewal process every 28 days, which is the process of epidermal regeneration. Cells are born and move towards the stratum corneum to die and disappear. This leads to renewed skin, more efficient barrier function, reduced water loss, and a more radiant and fresh appearance.

A Top-Notch Lifestyle: Ensure sufficient sleep because it’s at night that cells renew themselves and the skin regenerates. Cut down or moderate alcohol and tobacco consumption as they dull the skin. Eat healthily because excess sugar and fat can result in a blurred complexion. Consume foods rich in vitamins (A, E, C) and omega-3s. Make every effort to manage stress. Yes, we know, it’s not easy! But for that, the little "Elixir de Sérénité" (our oral spray/ food supplement, to keep in your bag) can help calm anxiety spikes and stress.



    The radiance of the skin at the heart of TiL

    Developed from the leaves, flowers, buds, and branches of linden trees harvested on the family estate in Dordogne, Tiliactiv4®, our exclusive active ingredient, is rich in moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant molecules. It also contains organic acids, those famous AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), malic, and citric acids. In this combination, everything converges towards brightness, the reflection of balanced and healthy skin.

    To achieve this, we had to focus on several parameters that determine skin brightness:

    Skin Texture: Smoothing it out to better reflect light.

    Skin Transparency: Where underlying tones depend on blood microcirculation, melanin content, and skin thickness: stimulating cell renewal so that the skin is not too thick and uneven with clusters of dead cells in some areas.

    Tiliactiv4® smooths the epidermis, thanks to its strong moisturizing (polysaccharides) and regenerative power, thus optimizing light reflection.

    Rich in flavonoids (antioxidant polyphenols), linden evens out and brightens the complexion, blurring blemishes.

    The AHAs naturally present in linden perform very gentle exfoliation, allowing daily removal of dead cells and promoting cell renewal. These are true illuminating agents that do not create the risk of irritation.


    The back-to-school glow ritual

    Gentle yet deep cleansing with the “La Gelée à Fleur de Peau”, our cleansing & makeup remover face gel

    Morning and evening, it tenderly cleanses and removes makeup from the face. This delightful crystal gel transforms into a creamy foam when emulsified with water. It effectively removes all impurities, dead cells, sebum, pollution, and makeup, unclogging pores and liberating the skin from everything that stifles it. After each use, it leaves the skin clear and pure, full of radiance and freshness, soft and comfortable. Even teenagers have embraced it! It is 99% of natural origin, containing Tiliactiv4®, surrounded by hydrating glycerin and red algae, combined with Cocoglucoside, its natural sugar-based cleansing agent.


    Powerful hydration with the “La Crème de Beauté”, our moisturizing day cream

    A multi-purpose day care product, this clever treatment leaves the skin soft, supple, plumped, luminous, and soothed. Throughout the day, it provides the skin with everything it needs, thanks to Tiliactiv4® combined with extracts of centifolia rose, white lupine, verbena, and evening primrose: It protects against environmental aggressors and hydrates by increasing the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and filaggrin. It smoothes and brightens by stimulating cell renewal and balancing microcirculation, restoring radiance. Anti-inflammatory, it soothes the skin and provides comfort. Of natural origin at 99.1%, it is a silky emulsion, delightfully scented, with a light yet present texture, quickly absorbed.


    Optimal regeneration with  “La Baume Qui Ressource“, our regenerating night balm:

    During the night, when the skin repairs itself, this velvety balm-cream infuses it with soothing, moisturizing, and anti-aging natural ingredients. Night after night, it fights signs of fatigue and accelerated aging due to stress and external aggressors, calming and regenerating the skin, strengthening its natural defenses for a more beautiful, healthier, and more radiant complexion. Of natural origin at 98%, it contains Tiliactiv4®, surrounded by passionflower, nasturtium, centifolia rose, and alfalfa, ensuring restorative sleep for the skin; from the first morning, it wakes up smoothed and plumped, luminous, with a refreshed look.


    A Touch of glow with “L'Huile Qui Enchante”, our nourishing and beautifying dry oil

    This ultra-sensory oil with its addictive floral fragrance enhances the face, body, and hair. Formulated around an oily macerate of linden flowers, cameline, jojoba, and sunflower oils, as well as white lupine, this dry oil is a precious reparative treatment that nourishes, beautifies, and satinizes the skin and hair, restoring their full radiance. Natural at 96.8%, it gives back-to-school the full radiance of summer tanning.






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