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TiL, ou l’Art du Tout

TiL, or the art of wholeness


Should effectiveness be complicated? Should there be many active ingredients in a formula and many products in a beauty and well-being routine?

At TIL, we have embraced the simplicity that goes hand in hand with effectiveness. With a tree that possesses the most holistic virtues of the plant kingdom, we take care of your skin, body, and mind simultaneously.

Because we believe it is unnecessary, even harmful, to pile up ingredients and multiply products, and because we are interconnected as a whole, as the skin, body, and mind are closely linked. Treating only one aspect does not take into account this holistic reality, and we deserve more than just worrying about our wrinkles…



The linden tree, the tree of all

  • An immemorial history


Loved worldwide in all civilizations for its incredible benefits, the linden tree is the sacred tree of goddesses in ancient Egypt and Greece. The Celts and Romans considered it a symbol of fertility and maternal love.

The linden tree is the tree of light and joy, as well as loyal love, dedicated to Venus, and its leaves are even heart-shaped.

It is the tree of connection and tranquility, so protective that it was planted near hospices, churches, villages, and schools. It was also planted near hospitals in the Middle Ages because it purified the air and brought peace. Later on, it was planted along roads by order of the King, and its harvest was intended for hospices. People even carried a bit of crushed bark on them to protect themselves from diseases.

Frequently mentioned in myths and legends, praised in literature from Ovid to La Fontaine, and even associated with Proust’s famous madeleine dipped in calming linden tree tea.

  • Why this universality ?

The linden tree is the tree that benefits humanity, and that’s why it grows close to humans.

It is the Tree of Abundance, the only tree capable of benefiting our entire body, and it can live up to 1000 years, thanks to its powerful regenerative capacity.

In fact, it is the ultimate holistic tree: it calms the mind and aids in sleep, heals the body by detoxifying and acting as an anti-spasmodic, has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates the skin, and it smells deliciously good.

Even Pliny the Elder in the 1st century referred to it as the “medicinal tree”! Moreover, it is the most emotional tree of all, the only one that delights all the senses.

We are a whole !


Holistic… a word that has become common recently but encompasses a reality that was stated in the 1920s… “Holè” means “wholeness” in Greek, and holism expresses that “man is an indivisible, inseparable wholethat cannot be explained by its different components (physical, physiological, psychological) considered separately.”

Holistic beauty is therefore a comprehensive beauty that is not measured by the number or depth of wrinkles, but considers the external, internal, and spiritual aspects. Beauty radiates when we are at peace with ourselves and others.

It is a lifestyle that takes care of the whole self: cosmetics and massages, as well as healthy eating, dietary supplements, balanced lifestyle, and peaceful mind… a true virtuous circle.

According to Claire Andréewitch, naturopath and yoga teacher, inner balance is intimately linked to how we manage our emotional stress and limit cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol triggers many reactions, damages the body, disturbs the mind, and causes visible and invisible damage to the skin.

The more stressed we are, the more the body feels unwell (back pain, headaches, stomachaches, joint pain), and the more the skin prematurely ages, gets marked and tarnished.

TiL or the art of wholeness

  • TiL's innovation

Recognized for centuries for its virtues on the body and mind, TiL is harnessing for the first time in the world all the powers of the linden tree, scientifically proving through several years of Research and Developmentthat it is also a concentrate of beneficial molecules for the skin.

o It heals the body: an exceptional medicinal tree, listed in the pharmacopoeia, it is detoxifying and calming, and its components are used in the composition of multiple remedies for their anti-spasmodic and sedative properties.

o It soothes the mind: a famous tranquillizer for the nervous system, it calms the psyche, promotes sleep, and exhales a comforting and joyful fragrance. Only a few days a year, this divine scent of honey and white flowers floats in the warm June air with such gentleness that it has imprinted the collective memory.

o After analyzing the molecular mapping of the entire tree, we discovered that it also works wonders on the skin: filled with soothing, antioxidant, and moisturizing molecules, it is a formidable anti-aging ingredient.

TiL innovates by valorizing its countless virtues through biotechnology and by exploiting all its parts harvested from the family estate in Dordogne: buds, branches, flowers, and leaves.

  • A versatile exclusive active ingredient, a world first

They are extracted, concentrated, and combined in our active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, and act in synergy on all the markers of skin beauty as it is both hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-free radicals, anti-wrinkles, and finally, complexion illuminating. A very comprehensive active ingredient that avoids the need for numerous active ingredients, which would be superfluous. Especially since its effectiveness * is boosted using fresh materials (instead of using, as is often done, dried plants which, by dehydrating, lose a significant portion of their activity), and by the total control of the picking process in a private park that guarantees high quality and traceability.

*Scientific analysis on Tiliactiv4®:

Soothing efficacy
64% inhibition capacity of 5-Lox (inflammation).
Antioxidant efficacy
68.7% free radical trapping capacity.

  • A holistic range, dictated by the tree

The lime tree has entirely guided the creation of the range, which takes care of
-the skin with soothing and regenerating cosmetics,
-the mind with a tender and luminous fragrance, created by Francis Kurkdjian, and neuroscientific studies on the emotional impact of the fragrance have shown that it brings joy, relaxation, and comfort.
-the body with detoxifying and calming dietary supplements.

In and out care, for the exterior and interior, because we believe that beauty is inseparable from well-being.

Each time, essential products, often multi-functional for a short routine (for economic and environmental reasons), natural, ultra-sensory, and effective.

TiL is a whole in itself…skin, body, mind, thanks to a single tree…to offer you beautiful and fresh skin, a healthy body, and a serene mind, with a succession of small moments of happiness just for you.

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