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Sœur de sang, sœur de cœur

Blood sister, heart sister

The somewhat “marketing” parties at TiL are not really our cup of tea (or linden), but this one particularly resonates!

Siblings Day, April 10, has existed for 25 years in the United States (Siblings Day) and has spread throughout the world. It celebrates this very special bond that unites siblings.

We, the 3 sisters, have been living it for several decades, and it is surely one of our greatest riches. For all those who are not so lucky, sisters at heart can give each other the same unconditional love. “ It is not only the bonds of blood that form kinship but those of the heart and the intelligence” said Montesquieu…

What do you think ? The sorority you experience is biological or of the heart. Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience as sisters in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Blood sisters

A unique relationship , which like any relationship has its ups and downs, can oscillate between love and hatred...

The manager ? The Pleiades complex , as psychologist Maryse Vaillant says: “in mythology, the Pleiades are seven sisters who share the favors of Zeus and Poseidon. In life, it is the little girls of the same siblings who are in love with the same man, a god, their father. When everything goes “well”, sisters are both rivals and accomplices, sisters in arms and sisters in soul.”

In turn, we can adore each other, hate, argue, admire, support, accompany... Relationships change throughout life: childish jealousy, adolescent differences, adult rivalries, later rapprochement... But always this unwavering bond and this unconditional love , which at the slightest blow, make us overcome conflicts and enable us to overcome mountains to comfort others.

A real bandage for life's wounds ... and the reassuring feeling of never being alone. A united team . Shelter. “ A sister is a bit of childhood that can never be lost . » said Marion C. Garretty

With us , the 3 sisters, the word takes on its full meaning. A family not always easy, but which has irreparably united us, life journeys with its accidents like everyone else, a family home as roots, very different characters and personalities , tastes, desires and lifestyles sometimes opposites. , but whatever happens, we drop everything to come to the other's aid when she needs it. Unfailing solidarity .

Sisters of the heart

According to sociologist Serge Domi, it is an “expression which testifies to a mutation in our contemporary societies: the transfer of the field of fraternity. The family is no longer the protector of natural brotherhood: it nestles more and more in the journey of adventures and individual encounters. Friendship becomes the citadel when the family falls apart.”

The sister at heart is a mix between best friend and sister . Without any biological connection, but with the same unconditional love. Moreover, it sometimes happens that we are much closer to sisters of the heart than to our sisters of blood.

Because we chose them, and we share the essentials:

conflicts maybe, but also excuses

memories that weave the same story

• the values , which make us complicit

intimacy and exposure

• trust and affection

And then, Prévert's list, the giggles, the tears, the evenings with a little too much alcohol, the groups of friends, the romantic confidences, the moves, the marriages and the breakups, the illnesses, the infertility of one , the motherhood of the other, the passwords and the keys, the 4 hours a day on the phone, the vacations, the looks where everything is said, the angers and the fears, the joys and the sorrows, the clothes and the diets, good advice, arguments and reunions in arms, secrets and blunders... A soul mate !

By blood or by heart , on April 10, sisters are in the spotlight, so let's celebrate this gift of life and take care. We would be very happy to have your testimonies on this unique bond which soothes the heart and makes it stronger.


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