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« Less is more »

“Less is more” at TiL

Mies van der Rohe once said “Less is more”… And at TiL we also want to say that “less is better”! So, if you are like us, don’t wait for the recycling day on March 18th to become aware of environmental issues and adapt your behavior as much as you can….
Of course, the current world has had a strong impact on our vision of beauty and has guided the choices we have made to take up the challenge of a brand that is both natural and effective, sensorial and premium, while being eco-responsible and accessible… and you can imagine that it has not been easy!

Our beliefs

  • We are an inseparable whole: skin, body and mind are closely intertwined and resonate with each other.
  • The skin is a fascinating organ, endowed with numerous natural defense mechanisms, and it is useless, even harmful, to over-use it.
  • Not taking care of your skin is a mistake, and so is overloading it with products: too many treatments stacked on top of each other suffocate the skin and clog the pores, leading to imperfections and inflammation as well as an overproduction of sebum. The best is the enemy of the good…
  • A healthy skin is a skin that breathes, and it just needs the essentials: to be cleaned, protected, and moisturized, soothed, and regenerated
  • A well thought-out product can have several functions in an equally effective and always sensory way, even with short formulas.
  • The Earth is already damaged enough as it is to avoid multiplying superfluous products, with the amount of packaging and the energy/carbon impact that this implies.
  • In these economically complicated times, simple rituals are more accessible, and avoid excess products and purchases, while perfectly meeting the needs of the skin and the desire to indulge.


Our vision of beauty

  • Our approach to beauty is inseparable from well-being, and therefore very holistic. We take care of the skin, the body, and the mind, in and out. A beautiful and fresh skin, a healthy body, and a serene mind, and it’s a virtuous circle that starts, that you can see and feel.
  • Holistic, but also essential and minimalist, simple and multi-purpose. TiL was designed to offer simple rituals, with a beauty routine that is short and quick, but also natural and clean, effective, and sensory. At TiL, we don’t pile on the products, It’s the ultimate anti-layering, but each one is essential and has several functions.



Our bias and our differences

An exclusive multi-purpose active ingredient !

Nestled at the heart of all TiL cosmetic formulas, it is:

  • Versatile: rather than adding active ingredients to formulas as is commonly done, each with its own claim, we preferred to create an exclusive active ingredient that acts on all beauty markers. 3 years of R&D conducted with the French leader in plant biotechnology, to develop an active ingredient that recreates on the skin all the incredible activity of the linden tree. To do this, 4 parts of the linden tree (flowers, leaves, buds and branches) are harvested, extracted, concentrated and combined in Tiliactiv4®.
  • It is at the same time moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, and finally complexion illuminator.
  • Integrated at a higher-than-average concentration in the formulas, it is also much more effective (proven by scientific tests) because it is made from fresh material only, in order to preserve the integrity of its beneficial molecules (by dehydrating, the dry plant extracts usually used lose a good part of their activity).
  • Local: the linden tree is harvested in the park of the family estate in the Dordogne, in the middle of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Natural Park, on our more than one hundred year old trees which have never seen the hand of man nor a pesticide in their life and are certified organic. The cosmetic products are made in Dordogne; it is thus a circuit not only local but very short.


TiL, essential, multi-functional care products

Cleanse + remove makeup from the face

Our Cleansing & make up Remover Face Gel ("La Gelée à Fleur de Peau", this crazy, incredibly delicious formula (99% natural origin), is used in the morning to gently cleanse the skin of all the impurities secreted during the night, and in the evening to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and pollution in depth.

Transformed into a creamy foam on contact with water, divinely scented, it leaves the skin pure and fresh, soft and comfortable. It was designed to be used with the fingers, without using cotton or wipes, in an ecological concern and because the massage with the hand is the best friend of the skin.

Cleanse body + hair

Our Cleansing Soothing Body & Hair Wash ("Le Gel Qui Fait Chanter")  offers a great moment of sensory pleasure, whose use both body and hair makes it essential morning and / or evening.

Of natural origin at 95,7%, its formula with very soft tensio-actives forms under water a tender and abundant milky foam, deliciously perfumed.
It cleanses perfectly the skin which remains silky and comfortable, and the hair which is soft, flexible and brilliant.

Regenerate daily + intensively as a one-off mask

Our Soothing Regenerating Night Balm ("Le Baume Qui Ressource"), a unctuous balm with a generous and caressing texture (98% natural origin),  ensures a recuperative sleep to the skin by infusing it with soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging natural ingredients. It reduces the signs of age and fatigue and restores fullness and a rested appearance to the face. The skin wakes up soft and smooth, plump and radiant, with relaxed features.

It can also be applied as an intensive treatment once or twice a week in the form of a mask, applied in a thick layer, removing the excess after 10 to 15 minutes.  Dry and dehydrated skin can also use it in the morning, under makeup. 

Repairing + enhancing

Face + body + hair

Our Nourishing & Beautifying Dry Oil ("L'Huile qui Enchante"), ultra-sensory and multi-purpose, is a precious repairing and beautifying treatment for the face, body and hair. It strengthens the skin barrier, fights against premature aging and preserves hydration (test: +73%), while depositing a non-greasy silky veil, quickly absorbed, which nourishes and beautifies skin and hair with radiance. It provides a real comforting olfactory emotion thanks to its delicate floral and sensual addictive fragrance.

A must-have in a beauty routine (96.8% natural origin, and does not need water to be made), which also allows you to massage or be massaged.

Smell good + feel good

L'Eau Qui Enlace, our unique fragrance,  is a marvel of delicacy, a real "hug therapy" which not only smells divine but also does the mind a world of good, and neurosciences have proven its euphoric dimension: it brings soothing, relaxation, joy, pleasure and comfort.

Created by the talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, luminous and tender, it integrates all the facets of the Linden blossom, at once slightly green, honeyed, and powdery.

Detoxify the body + make the skin glow + sleep well + enjoy !

"La Poudre Zéro Souci" is a detoxifying, relaxing and radiant food supplement, in the form of a gourmet powder. Concentrated with linden, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and magnesium, it helps to eliminate toxins, give radiance to the skin and improve sleep. The body is purified, the skin more radiant, and the mind calmed allows good nights.

This powder acts on the body and the spirit and combines the effectiveness of a food supplement with the pleasure of a drinkable delight.

Diluted in water, or sprinkled on a dessert, its taste transforms the food supplement into a real daily treat.

Eco-responsible designs

  • An eco-refill for our fragrance , "L’Eau Qui Enlace": its small travel spray can be refilled ad infinitum with a recyclable aluminum bottle, without a case
  • "Le Joyeux Savon", our cold-saponified Soap,  approaches solid cosmetics, with an ancestral know-how, that of cold saponification, with exceptional materials.
  • Recyclable glass packaging, bakelite (wood cellulose) covers, some products without a case when they are not essential, abandonment of cellophane and notices for a QR code.

The glass jars can be reused in many ways, as pretty pencil jars, mini candle holders for a small dinner, cotton bud holders, containers for your collection of mini cacti, etc…

The choice of Made In France

What’s the point of sourcing at the end of the world when you have a wealth of treasures at hand, accompanied by the most accomplished know-how in the world?

French origin has been an absolute priority in the development of TiL, and the products are truly French, and 100%! With all the steps done in France, French raw materials, local manufacturing and short circuits assured.

Our exclusive active ingredient is sourced in Dordogne, the other cosmetic active ingredients are French, the production is in Dordogne for the cosmetics, in Troyes for the soap, in Grasse for the olfactory concentrate, in Vendée and Montélimar for the food supplements…

Here is our idea of ​​"less is more" !

We know that the most harmless waste is the one we don’t make, the most virtuous product is the one we don’t produce, except that the dimension of pleasure and comfort it gives is essential, especially in these difficult times. It is up to us to make it as eco-responsible as possible, with the best compromises. Today, we are not perfect but we have a strong will to do better and better, and to do our little hummingbird joyfully.

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