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Le soin "doudou" par temps froid !

The perfect “soft” skincare in cold weather!

In the heart of winter, where the skin is put to the test, a little miracle, The Soothing Regenerating Night Balm, "Le Baume Qui Ressource" , envelops it with an opulent texture which is also the quintessence of all TiL scientific research.

No revolution, no over-promise, no abstruse marketing language, no misrepresentation... But just the striking proof by 21st century Science that the empirical use of lime since the dawn of time, is explained by incredible virtues on the skin, body and mind.



Science and common sense

The R&D carried out for 3 years by TiL reveals the molecular secrets of silver Linden tree and for the first time reconstitutes their action on the skin.

–> Molecular mapping of flowers, leaves, buds and branches century-old linden trees from the family estate in Dordogne.

– > Discovery of numerous molecules that are very active against aging: anti-oxidants, anti-MMP (preserves skin support fibers), anti-inflammatories, moisturizers, etc.

>Development of the 1st Complex reproducing the entire activity of the tree.

• Extraction and concentration by biotechnology of all the ingredients present in the linden tree: polysaccharides, glycosylated flavonoids-kaempferitrin, astragalin and tiliroside- organic acids… 

• Process guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency: exclusive use of fresh material, immediate freezing and cryo-extraction (patented process), which preserves the integrity of the native cells.

• Presence of this exclusive active ingredient in the entire TiL cosmetic range.

–> Action on all skin beauty markers

Hydration: thanks to polysaccharides, more effective than hyaluronic acid.

Anti-oxidation: reduces oxidative stress and slows down the signs of aging, thanks to polyphenols, and in particular a flavonoid, tiliroside. Tests prove a reduction in free radicals of -68.7%.

Anti-inflammatory: soothing, inhibitory activity inflammation due to stress and aggression exterior, a major factor in aging, thanks to polyphenols. Tests prove a reduction in  -64% of the inflammation marker (5-Lox).

Anti-wrinkle: astragalin, a flavonoid, protects the collagen and elastin fibers supporting the skin, and thus slows the accelerated aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

The results on the skin? She is smoothed, plumped, regains comfort and radiance.


The best ally of your nights

A concentrate of active ingredients

Sleep that regenerates: during the night, when the skin repairs itself, The Soothing Regenerating Night Balm infuses it with soothing, moisturizing natural active ingredients. and anti-aging: Tiliactiv4 ® is associated with passionflower (anti-free radicals), nasturtium (radiance), centifolia rose (anti-dark spots) and alfalfa (retinol-like).

The skin wakes up soft and smooth, plump and radiant, with rested features. Night after night, it fights against the signs of accelerated aging due to stress and external aggressions, for more beautiful, younger, healthier skin.

• A bath of sensoriality: This velvety balm is a real cuddly texture, caressing and enveloping, rich but not greasy, which dresses the face in a cozy cocoon for the night. And always this divine scent of linden flowers, created by Francis Kurkdjian, muted for the night…

98% natural formula.




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