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Engagée par nature !

Committed by nature!


Engagement… a trendy term that encompasses many truths, more or less accurate. Engaged, eco-responsible, ethical, transparent, advocates of sustainable development, short circuits, local, natural,etc… easy to say, sometimes less easy to do, especially when you are a “young brand”, because these are generally more costly choices! At TiL anyway, greenwashing is not part of our vocabulary, and all our decisions follow the same coherence.


The purest plant sourcing


Our linden trees are harvested on our family estate in Dordogne, in the heart of the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park. These are not cultivated trees but trees that have flourished for 150 years without ever undergoing any treatment. They are entirely hand-picked twice a year, buds and branches first, then flowers and leaves, under the guidance of tree professionals, some of whom are former members of the National Forestry Office (ONF), some even with shamanic training, in the utmost respect for their integrity. By perfectly mastering the picking process in a private location, raw materials can be harvested at the optimum moment. It’s a careful aim because to retain all their properties, buds must be picked when fully swollen but not yet opened (referred to as “de-budded”), and flowers just barely opened, knowing that their lifespan is only 3 days. So, it’s always a race against time. Unlike conventional practices, the materials are used fresh to avoid losing the precious active molecules through dehydration, which you will find intact in the cosmetic products.

A short and local supply-chain, perfect traceability


Product manufacturing takes place 50 km from the estate,in St Astier, Dordogne. It can hardly get any shorter than that! All other ingredients are exclusively Made in France, for real! The plants are grown in France, and the active extracts are produced in France.


High naturalness


All our cosmetic formulas are natural, over 96%, with linden certified organic, as well as the exclusive active ingredientwe have created by combining 4 parts of linden for the first time in the world. They are also perfectly clean, containing no controversial ingredients, even if allowed by European regulations, the most restrictive in the world. They are developed by a laboratory that only works with natural and organic formulas.

Optimal eco-responsibility


Packaging elements come from Dordogne, France, and at furthest, Europe. The jars are glass, the caps are made of bakelite (wood cellulose, recyclable) rather than plastic, even though it’s significantly more expensive. The only plastic bottles (fully recyclable, of course) are the larger ones for body care because in glass, the carbon footprint would have been worse than plastic considering the weight. The boxes are made of FSC-certified cardboard, sourced from sustainably managed forests. No cellophane or leaflets inside the products, but a QR code allowing access to all information.



Deep respect for the environment

From the outset of TiL, we have embraced a philanthropic environmental approach by contributing to 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of our revenue, which is then granted to non-profit environmental associations. Another very concrete and local action is that we replant young linden trees every year on the estate, destined to one day take over from their elders.



TiL is an ode to the linden tree, and we cherish our old trees that have entirely guided the creation of the brand, nourishing it every day with their countless benefits: soothing the mind, detoxifying and calming the body, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant for the skin. So, we are committed by nature. Everything is not perfect, far from it, but within our means, we strive to make decisions that will have the best impact (or the least bad) on our planet.


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