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Le neuroglow, au cœur de TiL

Neuroglow, at the heart of TiL

Is it because life may lack radiance for some at the moment that the radiance, or the famous glow, is on everyone’s lips when it comes to beauty?

Gone are the days when we only talked about wrinkles, and thankfully, we are worth so much more than that! Today, beauty is a radiant face with healthy and luminous skin – at least that’s TiL’s vision since its inception. Certainly, taking care of visible signs of skin aging is essential, and that’s what our exclusive active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, does. However, beyond that, taking care of the mind and body is crucial because the three are closely intertwined. This is the neuroglow.

The origin of the glow


Radiance, or glow,  comes from good light reflection on the skin. The smoother and more even the skin, the more radiant it appears.

The presence of skin imperfections leads to light absorption, making the skin look dull. Environmental factors, lifestyle, sleep, diet, and stress all have significant impacts on radiance.

It is a combination of external factors (smoking, sun exposure, pollution, etc.) and internal factors (diet, sleep, stress).

Til, holistic glow

TiL was born from the belief that skin, body, and mind are intimately connected, forming a whole that cannot be separated. Acting on one has repercussions on the other two (e.g., stress affects skin quality and the body). TiL, therefore, considers the person as a whole, addressing all dimensions, including psychological ones. Hence, a holistic range comprising skincare, nutricosmetics for the body, and fragrance for the mind. This approach considers not only physical appearance but also psychological needs.

The condition? Beyond the natural and effective aspects to which we were strongly committed, offering absolute sensoriality to take care of both the skin and mental well-being became crucial. This quest is even more important as mental well-being has been greatly affected by the challenging circumstances since the health crisis.

Neuroglow, the very essence of TiL

If any brand can claim neuroglow, it’s TiL! Derived from the only tree that spreads its soothing and regenerating benefits on the skin, body, and mind, the linden tree is, by definition, the tree that beautifies the skin, purifies the body, and comforts the mind. Pliny the Elder already called it the “physician tree” in the 1st century, emphasizing its extraordinary powers!

1 · Skin glow

A glowing active ingredient

Leaves, flowers, buds and branches of linden tree harvested from the family estate in Dordogne, make up Tiliactiv4®, our exclusive active ingredient, a concentrate of moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant molecules, and organic acids, the famous AHAs . In this association, everything converges towards radiance , a reflection of balanced and healthy skin:

  • Tiliactiv4® smoothes the epidermis , thus optimizing light reflection.
  • Rich in anti-oxidant flavonoids, it evens out and brightens the complexion and fades dark spots.
  • AHAs, radiance revealers , eliminate dead cells and promote cell renewal…

2. Glowing rituals

  • A very gentle but deep cleansing with "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau", our Cleansing & Makeup Remover Face Gel

Morning and evening, this delicious crystal jelly gently cleanses and removes makeup from the face. Transformed into a creamy foam on contact with water, it eliminates all impurities, dead cells, sebum, pollution and makeup, unclogs pores, frees the skin from everything that suffocates it. The skin remains clear and pure, full of radiance and freshness , very soft and comfortable. 99% natural origin .

  • A powerful hydration with our Hydrating Smoothing Day Cream, "La Crème de Beauté"

A versatile product leaving the skin soft, supple, plumped, and luminous, soothing from morning to night. Tiliactiv4® combined with extracts of centifolia rose, white lupin, verbena, and evening primrose protects against environmental aggressors and hydrates by boosting hyaluronic acid synthesis. It smoothens and brightens by stimulating cell renewal and balancing micro-circulation, restoring radiance. Anti-inflammatory, it calms. A silky emulsion, deliciously scented, 99.1% natural origin.

  • Optimum regeneration with our Soothing Regenerating Night Balm, "le Baume qui Ressource"

While the skin repairs itself at night, this velvety balm-cream infuses it with soothing, moisturizing, and anti-aging natural actives. Night after night, Tiliactiv4®, surrounded by passionflower, nasturtium, centifolia rose, and alfalfa, combats signs of fatigue and aging, calms and regenerates the skin, strengthens natural defenses for more beautiful, healthier, and radiant skin. 98% natural origin, it smoothes and plumps, giving a luminous appearance.

  • A touch of radiance, with our Beautifying Nourishing Dry Oil, "L'Huile qui Enchante" 

This ultra-sensory dry oil with an addictive floral scent enhances the face, body and hair. An oily macerate of linden flowers , camelina, jojoba and sunflower oils , and white lupine, for a precious restorative, nourishing, beautifying and satin treatment that restores radiance. 96.8% natural.

2 · Brilliance through the mind

From Antiquity to Pasteur, perfume was the primary medicine.

In France, it was only in 1810 that pharmacy and perfumery were separated by Napoleon’s decree! Today, the protective, therapeutic, and psychotherapeutic virtues of perfume are being rediscovered through olfactotherapy or aromatherapy.

It has even entered hospitals because studies show that odors influence the nervous system, mood, sleep, anxiety, nausea, or appetite.

By triggering feelings of well-being, security and trust, odors alleviate psychological suffering.

  • Smelling to feel, proven by neuroscience

The connection between emotions and odors is very close, and a protocol for measuring the emotional impact of a perfume has been developedby Professor Aubert (Ph.D. in neuroscience and psychophysiology at the University of Tours) and Francis Vial (Emospin). Three parameters are studied:

  • Respiratory rhythm, highly involved in perfume perception: if pleasant, it slows down the respiratory rhythm and increases the inspired volume. If unpleasant, it will limit inspirations, even momentarily blocking them.
  • Emotional load transmitted by voice (prosody or tone of voice)
  • Psychometric analysis: choice of emotional attributes

This protocol was followed to measure the emotional impact of TiL’s perfume, Eau qui Enlace:

  • Prosody: TiL’s perfume shows a state of relaxation and soothing associated with its olfactory discovery.
  • Respiratory rhythm: it decreases by 15%, a very significant decrease, and the inspired volume increases to absorb more of the scent.
  • Psychometric analysis: a very important consensus on triggered emotions: joy, relaxation, and comfort.

This perfume, generating immediate and lasting well-being, is also present in all TiL skincare products, providing a delightful sensation contributing to radiance.


3 · Radiance through the body

Radiance also comes from within thanks to our Detox& Glow Beauty Supplement, " La Poudre Zéro Souci".

This detox, relaxation, and radiance dietary supplement clear the skin. Concentrated extracts of linden tree flowers and bark, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6, and minerals, it purifies the body by helping eliminate toxins and waste stored in the liver and kidneys, restoring radiance to the skin. Additionally, it promotes better sleep and digestion, resulting in healthier skin with a bright and even complexion. This powder is diluted every evening in water or sprinkled over a dessert to add a delightful touch.

 At TiL, neuroglow means displaying radiant skin thanks to active ingredients, as well as a light spirit and a purified organism. Overall well-being and self-confidence give beauty that indescribable luminosity.

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