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Le grand nettoyage d’été, "in & out"

The big "in & out" summer cleaning.

Summer means big cleaning inside AND  out ! The only way to be in shape and have beautiful skin at the start of the school year ... it's not necessarily going to be fun, if you also come home tired, with a crumpled face and skin that is not clear, full of imperfections... Help !

So throughout the summer, we thoroughly cleanse our skin , which will be amazed, and we detoxify our body which exults in the rhythm of parties and swimming pool rosé, but much less with the overload of toxins and waste that follows ☺

Taking care of the inside and the outside , in & out , is the raison d'être of TiL, designed to bring you the soothing, regenerating and detoxifying holistic virtues of lime tree.

It starts with impeccably cleansed skin , because there is no point in showering impure skin with care, it is completely wasted effort; This is true for the face , and for the body , this great thing forgotten all year round.

And this continues with the purification of the body , with a detoxifying product to savor.

With this "in & out" cleansing ritual, goodbye to skin inflamed by the sun's rays, clogged by perspiration , excess sebum produced by heat, often oily sun creams (but absolutely essential!!), thickening of the epidermis. Bye bye body tired and cluttered by toxins, dull complexion , difficult sleep ☺

A face radiant with purity 

This summer, like all summers, your skin will be exposed to UVA and UVB rays and will thicken naturally to protect itself. In extreme heat, she sweats and becomes dehydrated . Result ? She makes fat ! So it does like all oily skin, it shines, its pores dilate and accumulate, until they block them, impurities, residues of sunscreen products, perspiration, pollution particles . 

A dull and spotty return to school is on the horizon, yay ☺ 

Unless... you treat your face to a thorough cleansing morning and evening , deep but very gentle, natural and ultra-sensory because on vacation , priority is given to pleasure ! 

La Fleur de Peau Jelly is all this and much more. Purity, freshness, indulgence, well-being ... it is a golden jelly , with the divine scent of linden blossom , which emulsifies with water to form a foaming caress on the face. It eliminates all traces of dirt, impurities , sunscreen residue, and cleans the pores of the skin. Then, a big splash of fresh water , and you find your skin incredibly clean, pure and luminous !

With it, even teenagers have seen their skin change and become clearer! His secret? A formula of 99% natural origin, ultra-gentle surfactants (cleansing agents), and an exclusive active complex, Tiliactiv4®, composed of flowers, leaves, branches and buds of lime trees, which soothes and regenerates . 


A clean, deliciously scented body

The skin of the body is also subjected to a severe test in summer... sun, perspiration, sun cream, dehydration ... it dries out with salt water from the sea, and chlorine from swimming pools .  It must be washed gently but effectively . 

At TiL, we have resolutely chosen to reconnect with high-quality, old-fashioned soapmaking, the haute couture of soapmaking in a way . 

Le Joyeux Savon is a concentrate of exceptional organic moisturizing, nourishing, soothing materials : natural coconut, olive and sunflower oils, shea butter , glycerin with softening and moisturizing effects. Only softness and happiness , with its light and creamy foam with the sublime scent of lime trees in bloom created by Francis Kurkdjian . When you wake up or when you return from the beach, it cleanses, leaving the skin feeling like satin, lightly perfumed.

A little nomadic, eco-responsible companion to take everywhere this summer!

A detoxified organism

Ah the little holiday rituals , which we think about all year round... aperitifs and dinners with friends, family tribe meetings, large tables... the key to festive and often boozy meals , and somewhat short nights . Even though we're on vacation, it's tiring ☺

And the body is reluctant to properly eliminate toxins and waste which accumulate in the liver, kidneys, etc. 

So TiL created La Poudre Zéro Souci, a gourmet powder to help it evacuate, and by detoxifying the body, it also restores the skin's radiance . In addition, it relaxes and promotes sleep .

Concentrated with extracts of flowers and sapwood from linden, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and minerals , this food supplement day after day purifies the body , soothes mentally and physically , offers better nights , good digestion and beautiful skin. It can be enjoyed as a hot or iced evening infusion , pure happiness in summer! 



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