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Le corps et l’esprit au diapason de la nature

Body and mind in tune with nature

Energetic meeting with Delphine Tazi, DO osteopath.


She talks to us about body and mind harmony, and essential links with nature. When the body, emotions and nature are so intimately linked, we understand that we are a whole, and that energetic fluidity allows us to approach the fall and winter season optimally. As she says, “if it’s beautiful, good, sweet for you, you’re on the right path”

Delphine, you are an osteopath, so this means that energies are a concept that you practice and master every day. Can you tell us about your job?

I am indeed an osteopath. It is a science, a philosophy of life but also an art. In osteopathy, what we aim for is that there is always movement, that nothing stagnate. Movement, whether at the physical, fluidic but also energetic level, it is important that everything can move in harmony in the body, to feel no restriction. I really like to tell my patients that we are one with nature, and that we work in harmony with this nature.

What does this actually consist of?

It's about getting in tune with the seasons, to be as energetically in tune as possible. If we approach the fall season, it is a difficult season on an energetic level for the body. I see it clearly in patients, where there are many changes in the body, as in nature for that matter. 

It's a season where the energies drop, we come from the summer when everything was moving, where we were hot. Here, we are in a season where it is a little colder, we need softness, warmth, we see this nature which moves a lot, which is magnificent, with superb colors and smells. 

In autumn, we are in the energy of the lungs, it is important to know this in order to take the time to go breathe in nature. It's a time when we need to be warm, to be with family, at home, in order to prepare for the coming winter. Winter when we will be more dormant, with energy that will sleep. We will sit down and be able to think about our life, our body, and ourselves.

In autumn does the energy level drop?

In fact it's a little more complex than that. It's not the energy that's dropping, it's another movement of energy, but it's still a movement. In spring everything goes up, it's germination, in autumn everything goes down. We must accept that we have less enthusiasm, less energy, and that we need to settle down, look at ourselves and be less involved in action.

So this has an impact on emotions?

Completely disturbing. Accepting emotions means accepting to feel things, it's wonderful. We retreat to think. 

Emotions are linked to seasons and body parts, right?

Quite. In the fall, we are in the energy of the lung, and it works on emotions of sadness and melancholy; nature is declining, it is a magnificent setting but it is sad to go from lush nature to nature where everything is descending. This emotion is natural, like all emotions, and you have to accept them, it's normal to feel them.



So back-to-school “depression” is something that is inevitable, is it nature?

Exactly, it's nature, we all feel a little decline, a little sadness after the summer, the holidays. It's normal to have a slight depression, it's a change, a transition towards winter, when we will be on the energies of the kidney. These  work on our fears, all fears. It's winter where we settle down, where we think about what we're going to do for spring, we're in action. In spring, energy increases, projects are put in place, and there are no more fears

In winter, do we also find ourselves in a state of dormancy, like nature?
Quite. Winter is cold, frost, it constricts, it tightens, it contains the seed so that it is ready to germinate in spring.

So during the winter we prepare our body? How do we move on to the next season?

Nature has provided everything we need when we need it. We have vegetables, seasonal fruits, this was done for: these fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals that we need each season

In autumn, we have all the oilseeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts which provide us with good fats to prepare for winter. Then all the vegetables, the cabbage, the squash which will be cooked, because we need warmer foods to prepare for winter. 

Is that why we don't want raw vegetables in winter?

Yes and the body does not need raw food, raw food, water. In autumn and winter we have water, these are wet seasons, so we don't need to bring any. It's simple, you have to go to the vegetable garden to see what's growing, it's what you need. The right vitamins and minerals already prepare the body. Then it’s welcoming the emotions inherent to these seasons; in autumn and winter, you should do calmer activities, yoga, meditation, stretching, rather than undertaking a marathon! This is how we can approach the seasons optimally.

On food, you know what you're talking about because you have a magnificent vegetable garden in the Dordogne, but as an osteopath, how do you help your patients get through the fall and winter better?

In osteopathy, we use different techniques, tissue, visceral, cranial which will be adapted to the patient, to their request, to their needs, to their restrictions. I really like working on the present moment, what my patient needs when he comes to see me, how I can restore movement. The more movement there is, the more unrestricted, the more clearly we see and the less we feel this stress, this anxiety, and we can accept them and approach them differently.

You circulate these energies, you make them more fluid and that’s what creates a state of well-being and harmony of body and mind?

It's very well summarized, that nothing stagnates, that's the key.

You make me dream a little with spring and summer, what is happening?

In spring, everything wakes up, the flowers bloom, the leaves arrive, the birds sing, everything that was contained, maintained during the winter is just waiting to bloom, we find an ascending energy, it's like sap which climbs the tree.

Yes, we can clearly see this explosion of energy in our lime trees!

The summer season is the harvest of the fruits of everything that we have put into small seeds, that we have protected, pampered...

What organs and emotions are spring and summer associated with?

In spring, we are on the energy of wood, and it is linked to the liver. The liver is the master builder of the body, it is the conductor who diffuses this energy. The liver has a temper, it manages angry emotions which tend to rise.

We have linden sapwood to drain and detoxify the liver, and birch sap, to provide summer energy; there we arrive at the period of fire, the energy of fire and it is joy: the heart, the “master-heart”, expresses all the feelings of joy.

It's a whole cycle, a harmony, which is not clear-cut but which moves, which is fluid. 

We therefore understand why, depending on the seasons, we find, without any particular event, a natural and emotional state and a more or less harmonious balance. This shows that the body and mind connection is inextricable?

Absolutely, when we go into nature and realize that we are part of this nature, everything makes sense again.

So all the ways to feel good, to smell good...?

Yes, the good, the sweet, the comforting are good for the mind and therefore the body. Everything is intertwined. When you feel good in your head, you feel good in your body and the opposite is true. Generally speaking, we feel good about ourselves.

As an osteopath, you say that the body needs to get in tune with nature?

Oh yes.

In fact, we have never left an ancestral nature where, even with our modern lives and our technologies, the body continues to function according to nature. We often forget this when we live in cities…

This is where the worries and discomfort arise when we impose a rhythm on the body that is not the right one, or when we do not take the time to eat things that are energetically good for the body, and to the mind. It is a whole. But that has never changed, we are an integral part of this nature, we are at the center of this nature and we must integrate it as much as possible. Sometimes just sitting outside and asking yourself what you see, what you hear, what you feel allows you to take a step back and pay attention to yourself.

So even in the city with a crazy pace and distance from nature, where we don't have  this mirror, any means of getting closer to nature will be beneficial; even if it's just sitting in a park for 5 minutes or walking through it while listening.
Even stuck in a city, there are ways to get closer to nature and therefore to what is essential. I always say: if it is beautiful, good, sweet for you, then you are on the right path.

And that’s very TIL!!!

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