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La résilience, du tilleul à la peau..

Resilience, from the linden tree to the skin..

Resilience, a word derived from physics and popularized by Boris Cyrulnik as the ability to overcome trauma, is a powerful message of hope. The idea of being able to be reborn from suffering, rise from the worst, bounce back, and regain life from one’s own life force enables resistance and continued progress.


Trees, a lesson in resilience

Trees vividly illustrate this capacity for resilience and teach us a valuable lesson. Who hasn’t seen severely damaged trees, seemingly without a chance of survival, regenerate and flourish once again? The incredible strength of vegetation…

 But if there is one tree with an extraordinary power of regeneration, it is the linden tree! Despite the fragility of its wood, it can restore its crown even after being swept away by a storm. We have witnessed this phenomenal regenerative ability for generations in our family estate in Dordogne, where over a hundred linden trees, almost two centuries old, thrive.

 Regularly, they endure the assaults of storms, violent gusts of wind, lightning strikes… Sometimes, their crowns fall, or their enormous branches are torn off, and sometimes even the tree is literally split in half.

 We have always given them a second chance, as did the generations before us. And regardless of their state of deterioration, over the years they form scar tissue to heal their wounds.

It is fascinating to see these protective scar tissues, formed by the cambium layer, gradually moving from the outside to the center to reconstitute a new barkthat will protect the linden tree’s inner life. Several of them are hollow but alive; it is not dead wood, and interactions occur with water, animals, or fungi.

 Sometimes, the tree is even beheaded and anchored to the ground by just a quarter of its diameter, practically by a thread, a stump. And yet, they display a fierce desire to live, sprout new branches, reach for the sky again, and produce leaves and flowers once more.

 In our family, we call them the “broken faces” (a reference to disfigured soldiers during World War I). They are survivors, true phoenixes that inspire our admiration and wonder… Seeing them, one immediately understands that resilience is not an empty word!

It is through witnessing this incredible power of linden tree regeneration that we embarked on extensive research to try to harness it for the skin.

The natural resilience of the skin

The skin, too, possesses natural regenerative abilities. Resilient, it works throughout the night to renew itself and repair the stresses of daily life. It is during this time that it recharges its batteries: cell renewal begins around 11 PM, reaches its peak at 1 AM, where it is three times more active than during the day. This is the peak of skin regeneration, where dead cells are replaced by new ones. Microcirculation activates, the skin repairs itself, and strengthens its protective barrier.

This is true when the skin is young, as its adaptive capacity is optimal: well-structured, elastic, protected by a robust barrier, it resists stress.

However, as time goes by and due to repeated aggressions such as stress, tobacco, UV rays, poor diet, lack of sleep, and seasonal changes, the skin loses its resilience and no longer copes (did you know that at least 80% of aging signs are related to lifestyle?). The skin becomes less smooth, drier, duller, looser, and marked.

Thus, it is necessary to stimulate cell renewal while simultaneously protecting the supporting fibers, collagen, and elastin.

Resilience, from linden to skin

It is this beneficial action that we find in the molecules of the linden tree , which we have mapped for the first time in the world . We were thus able, also for the first time, to concentrate them in our exclusive active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, thanks to biotechnology.

More than 2 years of Research & Development to develop it by reconstituting all the activity of the tree, the totum , thanks to the association of its buds, leaves, flowers and branches , harvested in the Dordogne estate park. .

    Tiliactiv4® restructures and regenerates the skin layers, thereby slowing down the formation and deepening of wrinkles. It protects the skin’s volume and its bio-mechanical properties such as elasticity, suppleness, and flexibility.

    Inflammation and oxidative stress are closely linked : inflamed cells produce free radicals, responsible for oxidative stress, and this causes inflammation, a major factor in skin aging. We must therefore act on these two mechanisms at the same time.

    This is what linden molecules do , which combine anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory powers, in addition to their regenerating action . They thus restore optimal resilience potential to the skin.

    The extraordinary regenerating power of linden blossom is deployed on the skin in natural, vegan and ultra-sensory formulas that soothe, hydrate and slow down the aging of the skin.

    Scientifically proven effectiveness , with tests showing a significant reduction in free radicals and inflammation . The extracellular matrix is ​​protected, the proliferation of fibroblasts stimulated, their degradation slowed, the skin barrier reinforced, the skin hydrated and smoothed…

    Resilient skin, like linden , capable of adapting and regenerating itself to resist aggression.


    Linden tree & the skin… or when the first transmits to the second all its vital force for greater beauty...




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