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Comment alléger sa charge mentale ?

Lightening your mental load

Are you one of those people who fall asleep at night thinking about everything they didn’t have time to do and everything they need to take care of the next day? If you count subjects to manage instead of counting sheep to fall asleep, then welcome to the club! 😊


Time for ourselves, a wishful thinking?

Children and our significant other, if we have one, work, household chores, parents… it’s hard to find time for ourselves. And as Alix Girod de L’Ain so rightly puts it in @Elle, if we calculate the time left for ourselves after subtracting the years we’ve spent taking care of “the little ones” from 0 to 25 years old, and the years we spend taking care of our parents… we’re left with just a few years, at most, for ourselves, assuming we’re always in good health. Argh…!

In the meantime, our days are often marathons, and our nights are filled with to-do lists! Rest for our brains and bodies will have to wait for another life…

We’re willing to accept all of this, and it feels good to be useful, but the downside is the toll we sometimes pay, and it can be quite steep.

Fatigue and anxiety, stress and irritability, insomnia, emotional eating, as well as physical fatigue, back pain, stomachaches, headaches, dull and dry skin, signs of fatigue… What a litany! 


In search of regained time

For us, the ultimate luxury is the time we give ourselves. Just for us. Restorative, comforting, rejuvenating time that recharges our batteries, makes us feel revitalized and fulfilled. It allows us to enter a virtuous circlebecause when we’re more at ease, we sleep better, and problems appear in a new light, making them easier to solve.

So, we’re not promising miracles, of course, but TiL was born from the desire to offer you daily moments of pleasure and self-care that benefit your mind, body, and skin, thanks to the most soothing and anxiety-reducing tree of all: the linden tree. Can’t we find just a few minutes a day for ourselves? To wrap ourselves in a little bubble of well-being…

The linden tree, the tree of serenity and joy

Everything about it is abundant and generous. It’s no coincidence that it is always close to humans and why Pliny the Elder nicknamed it the “doctor tree” twenty centuries ago!

Recognized since time immemorial and around the world for its soothing properties, it calms the mind, tranquillizes the spirit, alleviates anxiety, and dispels melancholy. It reduces nervousness, promotes sleep… You remember Proust’s madeleine, but did you know it was soaked in linden infusion to calmAunt Léonie in the evening? Isn’t that a sovereign remedy for better coping with your mental load?!

Add to that the fact that the scent of its flowers is a wonderful expression of tenderness and that it detoxifies the body, as inscribed in the pharmacopoeia, and it is filled with beneficial molecules for the skin! These countless virtues are celebrated by TiL so that the linden tree can diffuse all its vital, soothing, and regenerating power onto your mind, skin, and body.

3 minutes to lighten your mind

Just a few seconds to spritz yourself with L’Eau Qui Enlace, our delicate fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian, which takes you for a walk under a flowering linden tree on a summer morning in June. So divine and comforting that we even conducted a neuroscientific study, collaborating with researchers in the field, to assess its emotional impact.

Heart rate analysis, voice tone evaluation, and the attribution of qualifiers by women… The result? An olfactory note that brings joy, relaxation, and comfort! The three emotions we probably need the most right now, don’t you think?

Take a few precious seconds to alleviate anxiety, stress, and worries with L’Elixir de Sérénité, an oral spray that combines the therapeutic properties of linden, hawthorn, and fig, the winning trio for mental relaxation.

And for promoting quality sleep and peaceful nights, there’s Poudre Zéro Souci, our Detox & Glow Food Supplement that you can drink as an infusion. Not only does it detoxify the body by aiding in waste and toxin elimination, but it also facilitates a restful slumber.

3 minutes to achieve beautiful skin


It’s fascinating how much lighter we feel when we love ourselves in the mirror…

Cleanse and refresh your skin with La Gelée à Fleur de Peau, a delightful treat, and nourish it with Baume qui Ressource, a velvety texture enriched with linden and moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant, and reparative actives. Wake up in the morning with fresh, supple skin and a well-rested complexion. And as a subtle thread throughout, the same fragrance that provides true cuddle therapy…

So, how about stealing 6 minutes a day from your schedule, solely dedicated to yourself? Of course, it’s not a magical eraser for your mental burden, but these few minutes can lighten it, rejuvenate you, and make life a little brighter.









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