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La Lune, une lumière dans la nuit

The Moon, a light in the night


For the skeptics who talk about wives’ tales, or simple popular beliefs, when we talk about the influence of the Moon, here is a deciphering which makes us very humble at TiL in front of such powers…

Celebrated during an annual festival in many countries, especially in Asia, the Moon influences our body, our mind, our skin, but also the plants, the oceans, the animals… An infinite power, linked to the feminine, to which a cult is dedicated from all times, in all civilizations. 

To stay connected with the Moon, in our agitated world, here are a few keys allowing to get back in a universal symbiosis…

The Moon and the plant world

It is already necessary to know that the celestial course of the Moon follows 2 movements:

– Rising and falling Moon: it is the position of the Moon in the sky, 

– Increasing and decreasing Moon: it is said to be increasing between the new moon and the full moon. Otherwise it is decreasing.


  • Moon and gardening


Plants are influenced by the gravitational attraction of the moon, like the tides in the oceans. Thus in ascending phase, the internal liquids and therefore the sap rises in the upper parts of trees and plants. It is there that one must sow, plant, graft one’s plants, harvest the fruits and vegetables which will remain fresh longer. Plants are also supposed to be more resistant to diseases during this period.

Conversely, when the moon is in its waning phase, it brings back the sap and the vegetative activity in the earth, thus in the roots. It is necessary to pick the plants to be consumed right away, because they will be tastier. It is also advisable to prune, to cut, and to plant cuttings.


  • Moon and shamanism

Marc Buergo (@jardinmanouvellevie), TiL’s lime tree picker, who looks after our trees with all the care and respect of the shaman and sylvotherapist that he is, confirms through his daily observations that 2 phases of the moon are indeed more marked than others in the vegetative cycle:

-The waxing moon, from the new moon to the full moon, where the aerial part of the plant develops: stems, leaves and young shoots, and germination of seedlings.

-The descending Moon: there it is the root system, under ground, which develops. 



  • Moon and tree energy

“When trees are mature, the flow of sap is different according to the Moon; on full moon nights, the energy is strong, it circulates and rises. In sylvotherapy or in plant music, this is very clear in terms of energy and results. 

The phenomenon is remarkable especially in spring and autumn, because in the middle of summer, we see the plants reacting to the presence or absence of water. 

This year is a bit special, because it has been cold for several months, and it is the first time in 7 or 8 years that the trees have managed to bring down their sap and block it in their tissues: it is the vegetative rest. 

The other years, the sap was still circulating during the winter, which costs energy: it flowed when we cut the branches in December, January or February, because it was not cold enough. This year, the trees have been able to repatriate the sap to protect it when it freezes (this prevents the sap from bursting the tissues when it also freezes) and block it by making wedges (plugs) inside the vessels. In spring, when the heat returns, the wedges disappear and the sap rises by pressure of the root system and the trunk to go to the end of the branches. This is the classic vegetative cycle in a temperate climate. However, for several years, due to the lack of cold, the trees did not repatriate the sap and left it in the foot, so as soon as the spring sun came out, the trees made their leaves, but lost them if a frost came over them.

The moon is involved in this cycle: depending on the lunar cycle, there is more or less pressure in the vessels. In spring, when the wedges disappear to unblock the circulation of the sap, the vessels dilate and it gushes out with a lot of pressure: the water rises to feed the buds and make them swell. Moreover when we cut a branch, we hear a “pschhhh”, it is the sap which rises, and in one day we can collect up to 3 liters!


  • Moon and sylvotherapy


When we practice sylvotherapy, we come into contact with the energy of the plants; this energy is clearly more present in rising moon, the sap feeds more the aerial part of the tree. Whereas when the moon is descending, the sap serves more the underground tissue… 

It’s the same for humans, by the way: when the moon is rising, we are more dynamic, we have more energy, while we are more withdrawn when the moon is falling. It is in this phase of the moon that we should ideally entrust ourselves to the tree so that it “returns to the earth”, it is a way of freeing ourselves from certain things, our burdens, our sorrows…


The Moon and humans

  • The sacred feminine

The moon illuminates the earth at the time of the full moon and then puts it back in darkness until the new moon. It symbolizes biological rhythms: growth, decline and disappearance, like life and death.  Our female body with our monthly moons experiences the same movement, so the moon is closely related to the feminine in most cultures, where it is associated with goddesses.

The menstrual cycles of the woman and the moon overlap: the average menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days, that of the moon 29 days.

– If ovulation occurs on the Full Moon, with menstruation around the New Moon, this is the cycle of the White Moon, that of the maternal woman, where energies are directed towards the world and others, with a rather gentle life.

– If ovulation occurs around the New Moon, with menstruation around the Full Moon, this is the cycle of the Red Moon, that of the independent woman, turned towards herself and her inner development, with a very powerful energy.

Throughout her life, the woman does not remain in the same lunar cycle and can alternate, with each time fluctuations on an emotional, physiological, intellectual and physical level…. These changes in moods and energies are comparable to the evolution of the seasons.

Each one of us would thus pass through 4 phases, with a correspondence of the feminine archetype, of the monthly cycle, of the moon and of the season:

• the girl (waxing moon, spring): pre-ovulatory stage (8th – 14th day) placed under the sign of energy, dynamism, joy of living. One takes advantage of it to do sports, to organize oneself, to take action.

• the mother (full moon, summer): post ovulatory stage (15th -21st day), where we are attentive to the needs of others, deeply involved in relationships, and enthusiastic.

• the enchantress (waning moon, autumn): premenstrual stage (22nd – 28th day), full of creativity, hyperactivity but also vulnerability and emotionality, as well as critical spirit.

– the wise woman (new moon, winter): menstrual phase (1st -7th day), a time of slowing down, contemplation, reflection, when one needs to rest, to take care of oneself 

This knowledge can allow us to become aware of this time in order to adapt our behaviors and to harmonize body and nature. (Source :




  • Sleep and the moon? 


Researchers from the University of Basel have proven the effects of the moon on our nights! 

The full moon would decrease by 30% the time of deep sleep of humans (yet, it is the most restorative sleep phase … 🥴), 20 minutes the total duration of sleep, and would lengthen by 5 minutes the time taken to fall asleep, and this during the 4 days around the full moon! It also influences the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. 

Marc Buergo’s insight into the relationship between the moon and our sleep is naturally more focused on the “sensitive”.

For Marc, “the moon is the light in the night”!

“The full moon brings life, it creates the germ, these are moments of strength, the most interesting ones to do rituals.

Full moon and new moon disturb sleep, but we should not curse them because we do not sleep! In fact, it is a real chance: it allows to have a different awakening, and at these moments to do more things in the field of the sensitive, because the sensitivity and the feeling are more marked. 

This is another positive way of looking at insomnia: it shows a capacity to connect with energies, it is a portal of connection. If we are sensitive to it, it is because we have a connection to have. So instead of dreading this insomnia, we must accept it and take advantage of this moment to do rituals, to read, to walk outside if we can because the full moon brings light into the night, which allows us to see things that we do not see at other times. Some people make offerings on the nights of the full moon.  The animals come out more too because they benefit from the light, and the plants must also have some growth with the light. The energies are different.”


  • What about the skin?

During the New Moon, or black moon, symbol of renewal, it is the right time for a deep cleaning of the skin. The waxing Moon, where the sap rises in the plant world, favors cell renewal and the skin should be moisturized…

The Full Moon, at the height of its power, is full of energy, and it would be better to soothe the skin and nourish it. This is also the time when you should cut your hair to encourage vigorous regrowth, but above all, do not depilate! 

At the time of the waning Moon, the body slows down and needs to be lightened with a detox. The skin at this time may be more sensitive and the complexion more dull.

The Moon and the animal world

Because of the light on full moon nights, prey hide and move less. Unlike deer, which move more when they have light.

With the tides, some marine animals reproduce, and would even have an internal clock linked to the Moon, which they would use to orient themselves…

We can see the power of the Moon, which interferes in the whole universe!

Since the beginning of time, we are connected to its power. So in this agitated world, in this period of turmoil, in this anxious climate, let’s rediscover its influence, and the ways to take advantage of its beneficial powers, at the best times.


We can clearly see the power of the Moon, which interferes throughout the universe!

Since the dawn of time, we have been connected to its power. So in this hectic world, this hectic period, this anxiety-provoking climate, let's rediscover its influence, and the ways to take advantage of its beneficial powers, at the best times. 

The moon, and beyond that, the connection with Nature, is a perpetual source of inspiration for TiL, where we consider the person as a whole, mind, body and skin, sensitive and rational.


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