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Féminin sacré

Sacred feminine

In many ancient traditions, from the Greeks to the Saxons, via the Slavs and the Scandinavians, the linden tree is associated with female deities or legendary women.

A feminine tree in essence, it is also the symbol of tenderness and love with its heart-shaped leaf.

Consecrated by the mythology of the ancients, it has been a sacred tree for thousands of years.  In ancient Egypt it was used to make the Fayum portraits, in the Nordic tradition it was dedicated to the goddess of love, in the Christian tradition it has always been eminently protective, and in the myth of Philemon and Baucis, Baucis becomes Linden for ever.

It was only natural to wonder about the link between it and our sacred feminine…



Estelle Schnellman, @spiritual_gangsterre, has the floor: 

“What better way to understand what the sacred feminine is than by comparing it to the tree?

When we speak of the sacred, we must understand that two complementary energies inhabit us and are meant to complement each and support each other. We must therefore, whether we are men or women, balance these two poles in order to find perfect equity within ourselves. It is this ideal place, where these two are seated, that we should seek in our everyday life… 

Too masculine and we get aggressiveness and domination, too feminine and we face impotence and stagnation. Our sacred masculine, so omnipresent in our daily life, would be the bark, the power of the branches, the fighting strength of the trunk and our feminine, the roots, the intuition, the feelings, the communication, the connection to the earth, to the consciousness and to the intimate.

Our divine masculine is therefore the great actor and director of our lives, while our feminine, often very much impacted by the roughness and ruggedness, has to build, nourish, protect, heal and pacify. It is easy to understand that a tree whose roots are not well planted in the ground would be be doomed to be nothing more than an empty shell. Without an anchor, there is no possibility of travelling in calm waters….



However, trees have this awareness of the need to survive in spite of hardship while human beings often resist, despite their own needs and resources. Trees know what needs to be let go, what needs to be righted and how to collaborate with their environment, whereas we tend to cut ourselves off from our feelings and emotions in order to continue a fight, which is unfortunately often futile.

The famous burn-out is unfortunately only the result of a life too much imbued with the sacred masculine, a life directed by the survival instinct and thus the “doing” before the “being”.

So how do we connect more with our divine feminine, our famous roots, in an action-oriented society?

It is essential to embrace our divine feminine by practicing self-love, by entering into the sensuality of our personal care, through textures, scents, soothing tastes, etc… to envelop our senses, to allow ourselves to do nothing – even for a few moments-  to allow ourselves to let these energies of gentleness and kindness flow through us…

By giving priority to this time for ourselves, what our English-speaking friends call “Me Matters Time”, we reconnect with our inner self which is a sacred space; the decision-making seat of our external actions, which allows us not to live in survival, in over-reaction.

Of course, the sacred feminine is often associated with cycles, sexuality and gender, but this is reductive. Men also have their share of the sacred feminine, of course.



By reconnecting with our personal values of gentleness, by taking care of our skin, our physical and metaphysical bodies, we contribute to the healing and transformation of the world around us, by developing our capacity to listen and our values of community, collaboration and compromise. Being grounded and in harmony with our two sacred poles makes the world a better place. 

Nature offers us its creative energy, its physical beauty and the keys to its own resources. resources. So like her try to take time, respect your seasons, watch the moon cycles, walk barefoot in the grass, take a life-saving break and invite your sacred masculine to join you.

Listen to what the trees have to teach us, to transmit to us. What if their intelligence could heal us? These dear and tender therapists, starting with the multi-talented Linden Tree, know so well how to remedy our physical and cerebral overwork…! 

With all its sweetness and intoxicating fragrance, it is one of our most important allies in draining both our organs and our dark thoughts.

So let your feminine consciousness blossom, it is sacred.”

Spiritual Gangsterre.





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