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L’arbre de la joie, antidote naturel au stress

The tree of joy, a natural antidote to stress

The tree of joy, natural antidote to stress

There is stress and there is stress!

There are two forms of stress: acute stress, which allows us to adapt to a specific and sudden problem. It is beneficial and gives us a boost of vital energy. And then the chronic stress, lasting, which exhausts us, physically and psychically, because it triggers cascading reactions with toxic effects: the stress hormones spread everywhere!

The mental load for example, does it remind you of anything? The one that makes you make to-do lists in all directions, makes you run and keeps you awake most of the night? The one that makes you irritable, gives you a stomach ache, marks your face? The one that makes you think that your day should last 18 hours and not 12? The one that whispers to you that you will never manage to remember something important? The one that overwhelms you like a wave?

For us, this brings to mind the very concrete ☺️ Mum, partner, employee or entrepreneur, in charge of the house, homework, medical appointments, organizing vacations, taxes, dinners with friends and baby sitters in addition to our work days, we know a lot about stress!

Chronic stress, what is the damage?

Faced with stress, everything starts with an activation of the brain … the hypothalamus sends a message to the pituitary, which sends it to the adrenal glands. There, they release cortisol, the stress hormone.

The higher the stress, the more cortisol is produced, and if it lasts, it is harmful for the brain. Afterwards, everything follows on and does damage to :

the body

  • Backache, stomach ache, migraines, contractures
  • Lowered immune system .
  • Loss of libido

    the mind

    • Irritability
    • Loss of sleep
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Burnout, depression

    the skin

    • Marked, drawn features
    • Grey complexion, without radiance, or redness
    • Skin sensitivity, tightness
    • Accelerated premature aging


    More generally, all skin problems worsen when faced with recurring stress: it is more fragile, renews itself less well, collagen slows down and wrinkles are premature.

    Sebum increases and clogs the pores, while at the same time the skin is drier because the protective barrier has lost its balance and water evaporates.

    This is also true for hair… stress accentuates its greasy or dry side, dandruff, hair loss.

    In short, stress makes us much less pretty! And this link is logical, because the brain and the skin come from the same embryonic tissue.

    But the good news is that the opposite is true, positive emotions on the other hand trigger the production of well-being molecules that make you beautiful.

    What about oxidative stress?

    No luck, even if you have a light mind, with the mental load of an infant (too much luck 😄), your skin is affected by another form of stress, oxidative stress….

    Here, it is the famous free radicals that attack your cells. Where do they come from? Produced permanently by the body, they aggravate the aging of the skin when they are in overdrive, because of various external aggressions: pollution, tobacco, sun, alcohol, bad diet … so we can never repeat it enough, who says pretty skin says hygiene of life!

    Linden, the tree of joy

    We can’t change our modern lives, but we can infuse them with naturalness and balance… Because to feel good about yourself is to feel good about your body and your mind, everything is linked.

    So what could be more obvious than to call upon the most universal antidote to stress and renowned for thousands of years, the linden tree? The only tree capable of doing good to our entire organism, by soothing the skin, the body and the mind at the same time.

    • It heals the body: a medicinal tree registered in the pharmacopoeia, it is detoxifying and calming, and its components are used in the composition of many remedies for their anti-spasmodic and sedative virtues.

    • It soothes the mind: a famous tranquilizer of the nervous system, it calms the psyche, promotes sleep by exhaling a comforting and joyful scent. Only ten days a year, this divine scent of honey and white flowers participates in the plenitude, to the point of being registered in the collective memory.

    • It works wonders on the skin: full of soothing, anti-oxidant, moisturizing molecules, it is a formidable anti-aging agent that makes the skin happy and relaxed.

    When positive emotions make you feel good

    Feeling positive emotions provokes a real shot of well being and brings happiness.

    Right away, they relax and soothe; little by little they influence our behavior by making us more optimistic and open, creative and efficient.

    They trigger a real virtuous circle on the health of the body and mind, which improves our quality of life.

    They play a fundamental role in setting up strategies to cope with stress and recover quickly.

    They are able to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, probably reduce cardiovascular accidents, and promote longevity.


    On the skin, positive emotions work miracles by reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) and releasing well-being molecules such as dopamine and serotonin. With 5 million sensors and sensory cells on a surface area of about 2 square meters, the skin is the mirror of our emotions and communicates constantly with the brain through neuromediators.

    If the mind is relaxed, the skin is too, and if the mind is light, the skin glows. Feeling good makes you beautiful. So take care of yourself and treat yourself, your skin will be happy too!


    The main positive emotion is joy, which makes us feel light and happy, especially since it triggers pleasant sensations in the whole body. “Joy is in everything, we must know how to extract it” according to Confucius.

    Another positive emotion is serenity, felt in the calm to enjoy the present moment, here and now.

    TiL was founded on these two emotional pillars.

    TiL, "embrace the joy"

    To take care of you, pamper you, comfort you and give you back the joy that makes you “feel like a butterfly” again, as one of our Instagram followers so beautifully wrote, we have created TiL, a range of cosmetics, perfume and food supplements.

    At the heart of TIL is an exclusive active concentrate with proven effectiveness, TILIACTIV-4®, created for the first time in the world from the flowers, leaves, buds and twigs of the linden trees from the family estate in the Dordogne, in natural, vegan and ultra-sensory formulas that soothe, moisturize and slow down skin aging.

    The divine “Eau qui Enlace” is a soft and fresh eau de toilette, tender and cheerful, fluffy and airy, as moving as childhood, which carries memories of happy summers and promises of future tenderness.

    Its impact on emotions has been measured by neurosciences and it arouses joy, relaxation and comfort at the same time. This divine note can be found in the entire cosmetic line.

    The “Poudre Zero Souci” offers a detox for the body, relaxation for the mind and radiance for the skin.Concentrated in linden flowers and sapwood, lemon balm and burdock as well as vitamins and minerals, it is the daily dose of balance and pleasure. 

    At every moment of the day, a little TiL moment joyfully contributes to making you feel beautiful and well. By gently caressing your skin, giving it a divine scent or caring for it from the inside, each TiL gesture is a moment of pure delight.

    And then… breathe with the right tempo, learn to say no, laugh heartily, and love what is offered to you, even the most insignificant gift of life ☺️ because every positive sensation is essential for the balance of your mind, body and skin.

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