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Et s’il n’y avait qu’un seul geste à faire ? Nettoyer sa peau !

And if there was only one thing to do? Cleanse your skin!

The prelude to any beauty ritual

Yes, there are some non-negotiable gestures… Every beauty ritual starts with cleansing the skin. This may seem obvious, but at TiL, we insist on it because no care product can be effective on a skin that is not perfectly clean. 

Oohh…. to be honest, we are like you, often seized with a big laziness when it is late at night or when we are so fast in the morning, that we are tempted to skip this step, or to do it quickly 😏☺️ It’s a miscalculation that can be very costly, because it’s an imperative condition for healthy, radiant, blooming skin! 2 minutes twice a day, your skin is worth it, right? If it is an essential step morning AND evening before applying a care, it must be done gently to respect the hydro lipidic film that protects your skin. 

– In the morning when you wake up to remove the night’s secretions such as sebum 

– In the evening, even if you haven’t worn makeup, because during the day, pollution, impurities, sebum, sweat, etc. accumulate, suffocating the skin and clogging the pores. And if there is make-up, then it is even more careful cleaning!

    A range of textures

    There are different galenic formulas for cleansing and removing make-up from the skin, and each person has their own tastes and preferences, but also the drawbacks that go with them:

    – With micellar water, you remove most of it but it is not 100% effective, and most often it dries the skin.

    – The lotion is more comfortable but does not give the same feeling of purity, because personally we have rather the impression to spread the impurities than to remove them. Moreover, it requires the application of a lotion afterwards.

    – As for oil, which comes from Asia, it is recommended for removing the most stubborn makeup, especially waterproof, and not everyone likes the greasy feeling that comes with it.

    TiL's philosophy

    – We wanted to create essential products that are at the same time moments of pleasure and well-being, therefore highly sensorial, in addition to being natural and effective.

    – We are convinced that a single product, if well designed, is more than enough to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. The use of 2 successive products seems to us to be rather useless overconsumption…

    – We are fans of cleansing with water, because it is the only one that gives a sensation of freshness, cleanliness and purity to the skin.

    – We prefer to use the softness of our fingers and the caress of our palms rather than cotton pads. It is more comforting, more beneficial because this massage activates the micro-circulation, more economical and ecological.


    TiL, a very gentle, sensory and ultra-efficient cleanser

    – Til is made from the soothing benefits of lime tree, and infinite gentleness is our “raison d’être”. Cleansing must be effective, but with tenderness. 

    This is what the combination of our exclusive Tiliactiv4® active ingredient, made from flowers, leaves, buds and twigs of the lime trees from our family estate in the Dordogne, with the choice of very gentle surfactants (foaming cleansing agents) of natural, plant origin, offers.

    – We wanted to keep the symbol of purity and freshness that is water, but to make it a sensory gesture and comfortable at the same time, we wanted to recreate an infusion by giving it a lot of generosity and smoothness.

    – In this delicious crystal gel, as golden as an herbal tea, is nestled all the soothing and beneficial richness of the lime tree. Our inspiration? To reproduce the lime blossom jelly that our grandmother used to make for our children’s snacks… Our own little “madeleine”, which we have “twisted” so that we can not swallow it on our toast anymore, but rather apply it to our skin with delight! 

    – “La Gelée à Fleur de Peau” (our soothing cleansing gel) has a unique texture, which took a long time to develop, because it is “solid” to give a lot of comfort to the skin, and transforms into an ultra-soft and silky foam, divinely perfumed with the scent of lime blossom. 

    – It eliminates all impurities and traces of make-up with a rare efficiency, leaving the skin fresh, radiant, with an incredible sensation of purity, well-being and relaxation.

    La Gelée à Fleur de Peau, the ceremony of a delicious moment

    A small amount of the gel, taken with the spatula, mixed with a little water, either in the palm of the hand or directly on the face.

    A massage of the skin, with small circles, from the center of the face to the sides, from top to bottom, without forgetting the neck.

    Rinse with a big splash of warm water (or even better cool water, if you are brave).

    Dry the skin by gently dabbing it with a towel (no, we never rub the skin to go faster!!).

    – For the skins which tend to tighten, a pschitt of thermal water to let pose a few seconds, before drying the face. 

    – Then, you can apply your soothing regenerating night balm , “Le Baume qui Ressource”  (or your day care). The skin, pure and fresh, is ready to receive it and to let itself be infused all night with its regenerating active ingredients.

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