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Vert par nature

Green by nature

Did you say green? Green, sustainable, clean… all these anglicisms are everywhere, with more or less sincerity…

At TiL, we are just green by nature! Because the entire creation of the brand has been guided by the most universal of natural anti-stresses, the linden tree.

This sacred tree with its soothing and regenerating power, recognized since the dawn of time throughout the world, spreads its benefits to the mind, body and skin.

So yes, the quintessence of its virtues is nestled in our products, and the whole philosophy of elaboration of the formulas as well as the packaging is an ode to nature, in the pure respect of the environment.

An exclusive cosmetic active sourced in the family domain

Our exclusive active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, is a combination, for the first time in the world, of extracts of buds, twigs, flowers and leaves of the linden tree which together reconstitute all the activity of the tree. Soothing, moisturizing, anti-oxidant and regenerating for the skin, it slows down skin aging due to stress, fatigue … and the years.

These linden tree parts are harvested in the park of the family estate in the Dordogne by professional pickers and climbers, supervised by a former ONF (the French National Forestry Office), who is sensitive to shamanism, with the greatest respect for the tree, and according to a 3-year harvesting plan in order not to tire the trees.

The specificities of TiL’active ingredient?

– The harvested linden trees are almost two centuries old, in full bloom and strength of age; they are rooted in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin, and have never seen cultivation or undergone treatment. The hand of man intervenes only to pamper them.

– The raw materials are used fresh, that is to say immediately frozen on the spot, which preserves their whole integrity and activity, then transported in refrigerated truck to be transformed by biotechnology, according to the process of cryo-extraction, by the laboratory manufacturing the Tiliactiv4®

Natural, clean and vegan cosmetic formulas

Our formulas are developed by a laboratory dedicated to the creation of natural formulas, with very precise specifications: naturalness, effectiveness and sensoriality.

They are more than 96% natural, and contain no controversial ingredients: they are “clean”, good for the skin and the environment. Even if the European legislation is the most demanding in the world, we follow the precautionary principle and have totally excluded parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, silicones, SLS, aluminum salts, EDTA, PEG polymers. They are all vegan, and of course cruelty free as required by the regulations.

They have also been designed to be as effective as possible, while being as short as possible: no superfluous ingredients to avoid overloading the skin or penalizing the planet.

A Perfume “like a nice Sunday in the country

Did you know that? Linden blossom, like lily of the valley, is a “mute flower”, which means that it is impossible to extract its delicate and sublime scent. It therefore took all the talent of perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to recompose its note, recreating all its facets, green and honeyed, powdery and orange.

L’Eau Qui Enlace is a free and sentimental interpretation of the linden tree at its peak, when its scent fills the air with honey and the bees rustle happily in the tree.

The olfactory concentrate is made in Grasse according to the rules of the art of high perfumery, and the alcohol is organic.

Food supplements that favour nature

Like cosmetics, they follow the same trilogy: naturalness, effectiveness and sensoriality

– La Poudre Zéro Souci, our food supplement, detoxifying and relaxing, is a concentrate of linden sapwood and flowers, lemon balm and burdock, to which magnesium and vitamin B6 are added.

– L’Elixir de Sérénité, our nomadic oral spray, uses gemmotherapy. A pure macerate of fresh buds of linden, hawthorn and fig, soothing and calming, to reduce stress and anxiety peaks.

Eco-friendly packaging

Glass is the material of all our jarred products. For the large capacity bottles of body products, we had to opt for recyclable PET, with a lighter carbon impact than a large weight of glass. The caps are made of bakelite, half of which is made of vegetable matter (wood cellulose). The boxes are made of FSC certified cardboard (sustainably managed forests). No external cellophane, nor internal notice but instead a QR code, which sends back to all the information, without unnecessary paper.

Made in Dordogne: a strong local commitment

All the production of the cosmetics is made in Saint Astier, in the Dordogne, in the same department as the harvesting of the linden trees and the headquarters of the offices, which is in Saint Pierre de Frugie, an ancient village pioneer of ecological commitment. 

Planting of young trees

A young generation of silver linden trees is ready to take over, with 30 linden trees planted in the last few months. A small gesture, on our scale, to promote biodiversity, fight against global warming and pollution… 


1% for the planet

As a member of 1% for the planet, TiL has been committed to the environment since its creation and donates 1% of its sales to the environment.

TiL, time to be green

So, green by nature is not a slogan but a reality that is at the heart of TiL. Because we know that nature in general, and linden in particular, is the best stress reliever and that in this hectic world, we need it a little more every day. We are still a young brand, so we can’t necessarily be perfect, because of our size, but the eco-responsible commitment is at the heart of our approach, because TiL was born from the tree.  And we are constantly looking for ways to improve…

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