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Variations olfactives autour du tilleul

Olfactory variations around the linden tree

“Cuddle therapy, olfactory comforter”… This is how you yourself have baptized, and for our greatest joy, the marvelous Eau Qui Enlace
composed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. A sober and contemporary writing of the scent of the silver linden tree, an early June morning, with all the facets of this flower ultimately unknown to perfumery...

Result ? A “soft water”, delicate and moving, which whispers tender words to us in the din of the times.  A water that evokes a form of carefreeness and lightness, close to childhood, and awakens cozy emotions!

Because not only does it smell divinely good, but it also does a lot of good for the mind: neuroscience has proven its euphoric dimension, since the study carried out by Professors Vial and Aubert with the Emospin laboratory has highlighted that it generates joy, comfort and relaxation. Exactly the emotional impact we so badly need!

But we went further. Rarely for a young brand, TiL has as many olfactory concentrates as cosmetic products, of course all created from the same interpretation of linden, that of Francis Kurkdjian...

Taking advantage of the unique olfactory elasticity provided by the flower (at once green and honeyed, powdery and orangey), the perfumer has worked like a goldsmith, literally playing with the note so that it fits like a glove with every texture, every use, every moment of the day. The result is a sensorial experience taken to the extreme, because at TiL, we're convinced that feeling good already makes you beautiful!

In La Gelée à Fleur de Peau , our cleansing and make-up remover, the olfactory note is particularly fresh to accompany this purifying cleansing ritual, lightly pushing out the green and citrus facets of the linden flower.

La Crème de Beauté (our hydrating smoothing day cream) expresses the floral facet of the linden tree in a playful and very slightly green way, to start the day cheerfully, while Le Baume Qui Ressource (our regenerating night balm) is softer, enveloping. and comforting, pushing the powdery and slightly honeyed aspects, for a real “cocoon” effect. As for L'Huile Qui Enchante , our dry oil, the solar floral facet of linden is heightened, for an ultra sensual and addictive effect.

For body care, Francis Kurkdjian has resolutely chosen good humor for Le Gel Qui Fait Chanter (the cleansing soothing hair and body wash), with the citrus wink of a beautiful bergamot! And for Le Lait Corps et Âme (our delicious body lotion), he worked on voluptuousness by further enhancing the powdery aspects of the flower…

TiL treatments are ultimately like a walk under the flowering linden trees, as the hours pass by!  Delicate scents of dawn with green and wet inflections due to dew or the freshness of the morning, and more opulent and enveloping in the evening when the flower has soaked up the sun...

An infinitely delicate eau de toilette, a true balm for the mind, and its adaptation in each treatment, make TiL a unique proposition for being beautiful and well.

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