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TiL Tips pour l’été

TiL Tips for summer

Summer is the season of the heart in Chinese medicine. Associated with fire, it is the phase of maximum growth and blossoming, when the Yang is at its peak. The heart facilitates the circulation of blood and energy, the related emotion is joy; everything seems lighter all of a sudden, right?

So, are you like us? Waiting all year long for the happiness of those few days or weeks in the sun, enjoying the warmth and the light, playing lizard or swimming for hours, enjoying the long evenings? Telling yourself that what’s taken is taken and that you’re storing it all up for the winter? But the skin and the body store all this too, and if it is delicious as a sensation, it can also be pernicious! Here are some tips to keep only the delights as a memory, and not the damage. 

Some easy tips

Never expose yourself to the sun without having applied a sun protection product SPF 50.

We keep as often as possible a hat with wide edges, and dark sunglasses. No, it is not to play the diva but to avoid :

– The spots, because when melanin forms too many dark pigments, it is that your capital sun is at the end of its life, and at a time, there can be more dangerous lesions 

– Frowning all day long, the lion’s wrinkle (you know, the vertical wrinkles between the two eyebrows that give a severe look…).

– The drying of hair by UV rays, they are already damaged enough by the sea and the pool.

Freshness again and again!

– To cleanse the face before and after the sun, a fresh gel like La Gelée à Fleur de Peau (Soothing Cleansing Gel) is pure happiness. Super efficient and soft, rinsed with a big splash of fresh water, it removes all impurities, sun cream residues, perspiration, dead cells…. it’s everything your skin needs: purity and freshness to ensure a radiant return. 

As a bonus, the exquisite scent of linden blossom. 

In between, if you’re too hot, spray a thermal mist on your face, even more pleasant if it comes out of the refrigerator! Leave it on for 20 or 30 seconds and dab the face dry; you should never let the water evaporate on your skin by itself, it dries it out.

– To cleanse the body, the same requirements: performance, tenderness and sensoriality. And here, a very difficult choice is offered to you by TiL!  Le Gel Qui Fait Chanter (Soothing Cleansing Body Gel), deliciously perfumed, with a fluid texture and a creamy foam. Practical on vacation, it can also be used as a shampoo to gently wash your hair. Or Le Joyeux Savon (Cold Saponified Perfumed Soap), cold saponified in the old way, its is a concentrated of exceptional vegetable oils and shea butter. We let you think about it!

Soothing and repairing daily care

– No alternative … In summer, you need to moisturize after cleansing, even more than usual. And don’t think you can escape it if you have oily skin, it doesn’t prevent it from being dehydrated!

Double the hydration ration, but take advantage of it to soothe, repair and reinforce the skin’s natural defenses with a care product packed with anti-oxidants, because the sun boosts cellular oxidation and accelerates skin aging.

Le Baume Qui Ressource (Soothing Regenerating Night Balm) is a treatment concentrated in Tiliactiv4®, our exclusive active ingredient combining flowers, leaves, buds and twigs of linden trees, full of moisturizing, soothing and anti-oxidant molecules. Passionflower, alfalfa, rose centifolia and nasturtium are added to infuse your skin throughout the night to regenerate it. It wakes up soothed, plumped, smoothed and stronger to face aggressions. 

Any tips? Apply it in a thick layer, like a mask, and you can remove the excess after 10 minutes by tapping your face with a tissue. Don’t forget the neck and décolleté, which are often exposed and tend to get wrinkled. Your skin will thank you for being nourished, soothed and replenished. Keep the Balm in the refrigerator to refresh your skin, it will then melt deliciously on your face….

– The body is also dried out by the wind, the sun, the salt or chlorinated water. What more delicious pleasure could there be, when you come home in the evening with your skin feeling hot and tight, to generously coat yourself with a fluid, fresh and divinely scented body lotion? Rich in Tiliactiv4®, ivy and horsetail, Le Lait Corps et Âme (Soothing Hydrating Body Lotion) moisturizes and firms, leaving your skin satin-smooth with an incredible feeling of well-being. 

And as a bonus, the more hydrated the skin is, the longer the tan lasts!

Luminous scent

Have you ever noticed how much we want a delicate, airy, luminous and fresh fragrance in summer? To be in tune with the light, carefree scents of summer… those that cuddle you and dress you in a breath? That’s what Francis Kurkdjian has created with L’Eau Qui Enlace… a delicious, joyful and tender eau de toilette that takes you on a summer morning stroll under the blossoming linden trees. A true olfactory caress as yourself have nicknamed it, which now, at your request, exists in a small bag sprayer so that you can always have it at hand (it can be refilled with a large recyclable bottle).

To be sprayed on the neck, the inside of the wrists, inside your hands put in a bowl to breathe it in thoroughly and be flooded with comfort and happiness.

An Olympic shape!

– First of all, you need to hydrate your body, which requires more than usual in summer. 

Why is this? Because of the heat, we sweat and at the same time as we lose water, we also lose minerals. This explains why, if you don’t drink enough water, you get tired, cramps and the risk of infections too, so drink up, drink up! Water in all its forms pure, infused, mixed with vegetables or fruits. Cocktails (without alcohol!), with ice cubes, where you will have slipped a flower or a small fruit into the tray beforehand; it’s visually magnificent, fun and it encourages you to hydrate. Herbal teas, teas or La Poudre Zéro Souci, our powdered food supplement, which detoxifies, relaxes, promotes sleep and enhances skin radiance. Iced, it is a pure delight!

– Food is essential for health, but also for the beauty of the skin, because it provides you with water but also with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidants, in short, a whole balance. Give preference to fresh products, which you may not have time to do the rest of the year…

Abuse without moderation of summer fruits, watermelon, melon, peach, strawberry and 

vegetables, preferably local ones of course: tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers…a little drizzle of olive oil, rich in omega 9 and anti-oxidants, and you’re done.


Happy summer 😉🏖

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