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Rituels pour un meilleur sommeil

Rituals for better sleep

If like us, when you get up in the morning, you welcome this new day with gratitude because it will bring you its share of joys and perhaps of sorrows, but in any case life... But if you also think quietly, in the face of fatigue felt at the onset of winter (and the to do list for the day!), “ can’t wait for us to go to bed tonight ”, then read this article, it was written for you based on our experience! ☺

We often think that we are going to fall at the same time as night, but in fact it rarely happens like that! Too difficult to suddenly let go and surrender to sleep... Tired from the day, our bodies a little sore (for us, according to the sisters, it's the shoulders, the migraine or the stomach), the head full of everything what we have done, what we have not done, what remains to be done, what we will never be able to do, etc., although we are finally in our bed, it is impossible to fall asleep ! We need a “ decompression airlock ”, otherwise we continue to drift, in the void! And that’s not good at all! This “airlock” involves small rituals , moments of pleasure and well-being that encourage us to calm our minds and relax our bodies . And to condition our brain so that it prepares to let go and sleep.

No time, you might think?! Bad calculation, because these few moments devoted to taking care of yourself are in fact precious minutes saved, because they promote better sleep . The one that will allow you to have a relaxed look , to feel in great shape , while being calmer and more zen . You will see the difference, and so will your children, companion and professional team!

Sensory cleansing that removes both impurities and stress

Working day over and children in bed, our great joy then is to clean and remove make-up from our faces . First step to, symbolically and in reality, rid ourselves of all the impurities accumulated during the day, pollution, sebum, perspiration, and of course all traces of makeup .

A moment of delight for the skin and the mind

At TiL, we wanted cleaning not to be a thought but a real moment of pleasure, an expected appointment, a sensory and olfactory experience for the face as well as the body . 

Our Soothing Cleansing Face Gel, "La Gelée à Fleur de Peau" , the sensory, effective and natural combo

A gourmet crystal jelly , golden like an herbal tea, reproduces our grandmother 's linden flower jelly for our children's snacks. A unique texture , at a time “consistent” to give great comfort to the skin, and airy because it transforms with a little water into a soft foam like silk, and deliciously perfumed with the smell of linden blossoms.

It contains all the soothing and beneficial richness of the linden tree , thanks to our exclusive active ingredient Tiliactiv4® , a concentrate of buds, leaves, flowers and branches from the linden trees from the family estate in Dordogne. With its natural glycerin, its moisturizing red algae, and its natural sugar-based cleansing active ingredient, Coco-glucoside, its formula is 99% of natural and vegan origin.

It impeccably removes all impurities and traces of makeup, and leaves the skin very fresh and radiant, with an incredible feeling of purity, well-being and relaxation. 

Our cleansing soothing body and hair wash , cleanliness in bubbles of lightness

What could be more soothing in the evening than a good shower or a hot bath that washes away the fatigue of the day? And when, in addition, you touch your skin with a beautifully pearly fluid gel deliciously scented with linden flowers , which becomes a tender and abundant milky foam under water , your worries disappear. What remains is perfectly clean, silky and comfortable skin , and a fabulous feeling of relaxation and well-being a desire to sing.

The formula, of natural origin (95.7%) , contains our exclusive active ingredient Tiliactiv4® , and a natural sugar-based cleaning agent, Cocoglucoside. 


Treatments that pamper the skin 


2nd step of the TiL rituals, facial and body treatments that will pamper you, thanks to their caressing textures and divinely scented with linden flowers , and their soothing and regenerating active ingredients . 

Our regenerating nigh balm, "Le Baume qui Ressource" , the best ally of your nights

After cleansing the face, the skin is ready to enjoy the best for the night. In this pot, a whole world of delicacy opens up. And anti-aging performance (besides at Til, we rather talk about “ best age ”). A few touches on the face to massage delicately (from bottom to top of course), and a velvet sensation melts into the fingertips. This tender and creamy balm dresses the face in a silky veil . Quickly absorbed and non-greasy , it leaves a feeling of great softness and comfort . During the night, its moisturizing, soothing, anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle active ingredients infuse the skin to regenerate it . Filled with Tiliactiv4® (our exclusive concentrated active ingredient of buds, leaves, flowers and branches of linden trees from the family estate in Dordogne), but also alfalfa , nasturtium , centifolia rose and passionflower , it works all night, at the moment where the skin is at its maximum capacity for cellular regeneration , to fight against the signs of accelerated aging due to stress and external aggressions. When you wake up, it is smooth, plumped and fresh , the features are more rested . Night after night, her natural defenses strengthen, she is refreshed , less marked , fine lines diminish and she radiates radiance . A formula of natural origin (98%) and vegan .


Our soothing body lotion ...

It's often the gesture that we skip because we're lazy... the body is a large surface! But it is the only way to have the body which remains supple, hydrated and nourished , and which above all does not itch or tighten in the cold of winter... So, at TiL we have worked to ensure that this stage is both a great moment of pleasure, and super fast !

This milk is a little miracle of fluidity and creaminess . Barely applied, it penetrates and leaves the skin soft, supple , dressed in a moisturizing veil discreetly scented with linden flowers . Concentrated in moisturizing, soothing and firming active ingredients – our exclusive Tiliactiv® active ingredient combined with ivy and horsetail – it restores firmness and elasticity to the skin over the days.

In 2 minutes flat , you have taken care of your body and what's more, you are divinely relaxed, your mind relaxed, your skin happy , so frankly why deprive yourself of it?

98% natural and vegan formula.


The “doudou” perfume, to smell good and feel good

Our fragrance, name L'Eau qui Enlace (that cuddles..!) is aptly named and it should be prescribed as it smells wonderfully good and comforts the most tired or sad spirits ! This eau de toilette was created by the very talented perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian .

Delicately enveloping, at the same time fresh, tender and joyful , it evokes a subtle reminiscence of childhood , because we all have a personal story with the lime tree...

Francis Kurdjian himself spoke of his “own memories of the TiL estate , where the large-flowered Tomentosa are particularly fragrant on summer evenings, when the linden trees are at the peak of their flowering , and the bees rustle with joy in the wind of its flowers. » He thus worked on all the facets of the Linden flower, both slightly green and honeyed, powdery and orange . “A soft, caressing and luminous sensuality that suits our times,” he says.

The addictive effect of our fragrance has even been measured by neuroscientists , because at TiL we are convinced of the extraordinary power of olfaction on our emotional life . 

It emerges from this study that the scent of TiL “generates spontaneous positive emotions and triggers obvious joy, comfort, a calming and relaxing effect , beyond a simple pleasure linked to the use of a perfume”

So in the evening, to prepare for sleep , spraying Eau qui Enlace, on yourself and even on your pillow , is a joyful moment, of relaxation and comfort , which promises a beautiful night filled with sweet dreams ...

Evening indulgence, detox, relaxation & radiance

Last gesture before turning off the light, if you haven't already sprinkled it on your dessert at the end of dinner, infuse the our detox beauty supplement in a little hot water. 

Linden is obvious because in fact it is a food supplement in essence ! It has always been established that linden, when ingested, is good for the body by being detoxifying, soothing and comforting . And what is good for the inside of the body is seen on the outside ...So we can imagine how effective it is when it is ultra-concentrated in a food supplement.

We have therefore revisited linden herbal tea with the know-how of today's nutra-ceuticals : ultra-concentrated in linden flowers and sapwood , it is combined with other components, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and minerals. It soothes the mind and improves sleep , helps eliminate toxins and makes the skin more radiant .

And it also lives up to its name... a teaspoon in the evening and the worries disappear or at least become lighter! In addition, it is good in all its forms : diluted in water like an infusion, or in yogurt, a smoothie, a compote, and we even made a fruit tart with mascarpone flavored with Zero Worry Powder , which has a delicious blackcurrant taste!! So what could be better than falling asleep with one last treat, knowing that night after night it will purify you, relax you and give you prettier skin ?!


And we can never say it enough: in addition to the TiL rituals, do yourself good by all means before sleeping ! We have a few tips, one stretches for a long time to get rid of the aches, the other takes a book and lights a candle , and the last does a little yoga , with 2 positions that do her a lot of good:

  • The child's position : sit on your knees, buttocks on your heels, place your forehead on the ground, put your arms on each side of your body, close your eyes and breathe quietly. This gives a real feeling of fullness . 
  • Lying on the floor, legs vertical on a wall , buttocks firmly pressed to the wall... it soothes the psyche, reduces anxiety and limits insomnia.

And you, don’t hesitate to tell us what your evening rituals are! Because it seems that in a few decades we have lost 1.5 hours of sleep per night, so we might as well help each other!! Especially since sleep is the best beauty secret, so associated with TiL you imagine ☺ 







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