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Le domaine de TiL

The domain of TiL

An exceptional land, the Dordogne

It is a 17th century estate, anchored on an old land. That of the Dordogne. A region of France like no other.

The powerful vibrations of the Périgord

Cradle of humanity, the Périgord is a powerful land.

Contrasted, rough and generous at the same time. Mysterious, ancestral, all in chiaroscuroAuthentic, luminous, where aquatic and vegetal intertwine to infinity.

A high vibratory place, which resonates with telluric forces.

A history of an incredible richness

The Périgord has been the scene of French-English rivalries for 3 centuries and of Homeric battles that have made the history of France. It has left a unique heritage, the richest in France in historical monuments. Along the Dordogne, aptly named the River Hope, and the only one in France to be classified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, there is a succession of spectacular vestiges of the past.

From prehistoric caves to medieval fortresses and Renaissance castles, history has left its mark everywhere.

The sweetness of life in Dordogne

More than sweet, life here is an art, that of a recovered time.

An art of life

Is it because the light is so tender, the stones so golden, the treasures of the earth so numerous, that there is a gentle way of life without equal? From visits to castles and abbeys, ancient villages and bastides,enchanted walks in the four parts of the Périgord, to extraordinary gardens and typical markets, the art of living in the Dordogne is unique.

Time recovered

This land is shaped by History, Nature, the love of life and all that is beautiful and good… In this haven of peace preserved, we live at the rhythm of the time recovered. Delicious and joyful.

The TiL domain

In the heart of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park, nestles a large old house surrounded by venerable linden trees.

This old place, full of history, in the middle of nature, carries the philosophy of an absolute modernity: that of the present time, and of time for oneself.

A place full of history

It is in the heart of this land of valleys and forests, streams and pastures, in the heart of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park, that the TiL estate is anchored.

A three-century old building surrounded by numerous outbuildings that were once organized to constitute an autonomous and prosperous estate: farm, kennel, stables, barns, orangery, large greenhouse, fish pond, chapel, dovecote…

A park of linden trees in the heart of nature

A huge French-style park with more than a hundred silver linden trees, some of which are almost two centuries old, in perfect alignment.

Beyond the park, nature as far as the eye can see, 360°, where meadows, fields, forests and waterways follow one another in a hilly landscape.

The sisters' family home

We are three sisters, Odile, Sylvie and Dominique, in love with our father’s land, and before him with our grandfather’s, who are fighting to preserve this family estate that has been running in our veins for several generations.

Childhood reminiscences

We grew up there during the vacations, explored the smallest nooks and crannies, loved every wrinkle on its stone walls, every creak of its wood, every characteristic smell, every huge or crooked room. We lived there at the rhythm of the seasons and of nature, thanks to the farm of the domain full of animals and to the immense and abundant vegetable garden. We cherished this domain, always taking it with us when we went back to work in Paris, and escaping there at the slightest opportunity.

We played there for hours with our cousins, hid everywhere, built huts, jumped over streams, devoured books in the hayloft, played endless games of croquet, organized family shows, participated in huge and happy dinners ; but also raised chicks, collected wounded birds, set up a newborn lamb in a living Christmas crib, shelled peas or crunched wild strawberries warmed by the summer sun.

Passing on the love of trees

Later, we never stopped embellishing the estate, inside and out.

We celebrated all the family events, the most joyful and the saddest, cradled our babies under the linden trees for their nap, showed them how to make their tender green bracts spin like a helicopter, calmed them with linden flower infusions, taught them to recognize their divine scent, different in the morning dew or the evening heat.

Our benevolent lime trees

The silver linden trees of our childhood are still there. Just a little older. As they have been for over 150 years, it is their same beneficent shadow that watches over and protects generation after generation.

The resilience of linden trees

Some trees have suffered, a little or a lot, have been injured, sometimes even cut in half, and have endured storms.

But our linden trees are so intimately part of this land that they have put all their strength into healing and starting again. Less beautiful, damaged, bearing the scars of the setbacks they have suffered, but still as green, prodigious and joyful because they carry within them an incredible regenerative power; true case study, the tree experts tell us!

But these trees are above all incredible lessons in the resilience of Nature, which have shaped us and placed us before the essential.

The patina of time

The patina of time can be seen on our family home and on our trees, like on a face.

But we love each imperfection, because each one is a moment of life, a memory. Like the wrinkles of a smile at the corner of the eyes…

Sharing our experience

It is because of this land, this old estate and these trees that we, Odile and Sylvie, have imagined TiL, with our expertise in the world of beauty and perfume. To celebrate our linden trees, to transmit and share with youa little of what we have been so lucky to experience.

The genesis of TiL

Fascinated by our linden trees, like all our guests, and having always experienced their soothing, detoxifying and perfuming virtues, we also wanted to verify their benefits on the skin, evoked by many “grandmother’s recipes“.

Three years of analysis of our trees, and scientific research have proven their

amazing soothing, anti-oxidant and moisturizing power, and allowed us to create our own active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®.

Skin, body and mind

We harvest the flowers, leaves, buds and twigs of our own trees to concentrate, thanks to the science of the 21st century, the unique benefits of the linden tree, and deploy them for the first time on the skin, body and mind combined. Because we are one.

The TiL art of living

Beyond our products, TiL is an authentic and family-oriented art of living, natural and refined at the same time, where time is savored and allows for self-care.

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