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La cueillette des bourgeons au domaine de TiL

Picking buds at the TiL estate

Today, the picking of the linden buds began, for several days we were busy monitoring the hatching of the buds as closely as possible in order to be able to pick them up at a certain time. With the heat, there are small wedges which are inside, which block the rise of the sap: in spring, they disappear and this suction which is created by the distension of the tissues due to external heat, creates a phenomenon of suction and which causes the sap to rise from bottom to top and will allow the buds to burst. So we try to pick them just when the buds open to be able to benefit from all the benefits of the buds. We practice this on old trees that face the wind, on the south facade of the property. This year will be a good year for harvesting buds, many full of spring sunshine and beautiful light. So it should give nice products.

Why do we pick these buds? Firstly because in the bud, there is the entire tree. So there is all the genetic heritage. There is all the information from the tree, all the active molecules, that is to say everything which is obviously the sap, the phyto-hormones, the vitamins, the trace elements, the minerals, etc. So it’s really a concentrate of everything that’s most active in the tree.

At TiL, we have two uses: first for the skin. We have therefore created an active complex, which is exclusive to the brand, named Tiliactiv4 ® , which is a concentrate of buds, leaves, flowers and twigs of linden. So, what do the buds bring to this active complex? They are full of polysaccharides. It's super hydrating, it's full of hydrating molecules and at the same concentration as hyaluronic acid, it's even more hydrating. And then, in polysaccharides, there is one specifically called rhamnose which promotes cell renewal, it protects elastin fibers and it fights against free radicals. It's a real anti-aging agent on its own.

And then there is a second use of the buds at TiL which is in the food supplement called the Elixir of Serenity and which is a macerate of linden, fig and hawthorn buds and which is an anti- stress, anti-anxiety, a little nomadic companion to have with you at all times


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