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Hauts les cœurs !

Cheer up!

Do you know anything about seasonal depression?

In the press, it is a subject that is called “a chestnut” in France, i.e. a recurring theme. In short, it means that every year at the same time, we see the same tired faces, grey complexion, low morale, the same need to stay a little curled up in a ball at home in the warmth… Winter depression, it seems normal! But why? And what are the tricks to regain a little energy and inner light? As always at TiL, we try to think globally, that is to say mind, body and skin, because we are a whole.


Brightening up the spirit

Short days, bad weather…winter is not the most cheerful time of the year, and for the last two years, frankly, it’s not getting any better! Moreover, bad luck, 70 to 80 % of the people affected by this slump are women (sources: passeport santé).

We are sadder, less willing, we procrastinate, we are tired all the time…

. SAD, seasonal affective disorder, is a form of depression caused by a lack of natural light. It appears in autumn or in the middle of winter, and continues until spring, when we regain our desire and joy of living.  How can it be explained? Very simply, in winter the days are short and the light is low. From 100,000 lux (unit of measurement of luminosity) in summer in the sun, we sometimes struggle to reach 2,000 lux in winter.

. The causal link between lack of light and SAD was shown in the 1980s by Dr. Rosenthal, a psychiatrist and researcher (at the National Institute of Mental Health – USA), who used light therapy in clinical psychiatry. 


He was able to measure the influence of light on our mood, but also on our biological clock. This clock controls our body’s rhythms, in particular the phases of wakefulness and sleep, as well as the production of our hormones, such as serotonin (the happiness hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone).

So let’s not look any further, the lack of sunlight and light affects our mood, our chronic fatigue, our stress level and even our libido… In short, if we feel like biting at the office, screaming at our children and our other half, it’s the fault of the sun that has hidden itself!

Comfort and relaxation tips

  • Go outside for at least one hour a day, even if the weather is not good, natural light is always taken in.
  • Do light therapy, by exposing yourself every morning to strong white light (10,000 lux) for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Exercise, if possible outdoors.
  • Eat oily fish rich in omega 3.
  • Treat yourself to all the little pleasures that can help you see life in sunshine yellow.

For us it is without doubt a spray of our fragrance “L’Eau qui Enlace”, the marvellous eau de toilette created by the talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian: a stroll down an avenue of linden trees in bloom, one morning in June, when the sun’s rays light up the trees and the bees fly around on the fragrant flowers…

A real “Madeleine de Proust”, whose impact on positive emotions has been measured by a neuroscientific study carried out by Tours university scientists. “L’Eau qui Enlace” was attributed 4 essential words: joy, pleasure, relaxation, solace and reassurance (unheard of for a perfume)… all antidotes to seasonal depression!

Energizing the body

  • The key word in winter is detox to energize the body by ridding it of toxins and waste

of toxins and waste that weigh it down, because it needs to be cleaned regularly to have good energy.

The main targets are the emunctories, liver, kidneys and intestines which eliminate naturally. Except that at certain times, they are overwhelmed and need to be relieved: too rich or sugary food, fatigue, stress… exhaust them. And then it’s a vicious circle, fatigue increases, morale and sleep decrease, small dimples appear, joint pain also, and natural defences weaken, leaving the door open to viruses or allergies…

By eliminating toxins, cell renewal increases, the body regains energy and lightness, and the intestines are balanced.

  • Anti-depression tips for the body :
    • A healthier diet: less alcohol, fats and sugars, red meat, milk, stimulants…
    • Drink water without moderation, in all its forms: pure, herbal teas, vegetable broths…
    • Doing sport detoxifies and, depending on the sport, stimulates the digestive system (yoga)
    • Adopt “La Poudre Zéro Souci”, our detox, destress and glow food supplement,  a concentrate of extracts of linden blossom and sapwood, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and minerals. A spoonful every evening of this delicious delicacy, diluted in a glass of hot water or sprinkled on a dessert, and toxins are eliminated more easily, the body is purified, digestion is improved, and sleep is enhanced. A winning combo!
  • Detox :
    • Linden tree sapwood, full of active ingredients, has been known for centuries to drain and facilitate the elimination of toxins by the liver and kidneys.
    • Burdock promotes the well-being of the liver, digestive well-being, and the purification of the body.
  • Relaxation :
    • Linden blossoms have calming and sedative virtues, and soothe body and mind, facilitating sleep. And did you know that Linden is reputed to make melancholy go away!
    • Lemon balm relaxes and promotes a good night’s sleep.
    • Magnesium and Vitamin B6 fight against fatigue and stress


Brightening the skin

    • In winter, the skin is like the weather: gloomy. In addition, it is tight and, with a little luck, reddens with the cold… everything to please. Sebum production decreases, the skin becomes dehydrated and less well protected, thus allowing impurities to enter more easily. Weakened, it is less elastic, retains more dead cells, and in lack of light and vitamin D, it is dull…
    • Once a week, gently exfoliate the face and take a steam bath to unclog the pores
    • Tips for radiant skin:
      • Cleanse your skin thoroughly morning and night, gently but thoroughly. Forget about micellar waters and switch to effective, gentle and comfortable skin care products.

La Gelée à Fleur de Peau” , our Soothing Cleansing and Make up Remover Gel, is a pure delight for the skin, it transforms into a creamy foam when emulsified with a little water, and eliminates all impurities and traces of make-up with rare efficiency and infinite softness. The skin is relaxed, clean and pure, luminous and comfortable. At the heart of this gel is Tiliactiv4®, the first exclusive concentrate of linden tree flowers, leaves, buds and twigs, harvested on the family estate in the Dordogne, a powerful calming agent. It is combined with natural moisturising glycerine and red algae, and Cocoglucoside, a natural sugar-based cleanser, for a formula full of tenderness. (99% natural origin, vegan, dermatologically tested).


    • Regenerate it with a soft skin care

Our Soothing Regenerating Night Balm,  “Le Baume qui Ressource”, is velvety, dense cream rich in active ingredients of natural origin that envelops the skin in a cosy cocoon.  Tiliactiv4®, rose centifolia, alfalfa, nasturtium and passionflower combine their soothing and anti-ageing properties to regenerate the skin during the night, at the time of peak cellular activity.

Silky and satiny when applied, it works while you sleep so that when you wake up your skin is smooth and supple, fresh and rested.  (98% natural origin, vegan, dermatologically tested).

    • Lighting it up inside and out

At TiL, we think “in and out” because the two are intimately linked. The good we do for our body can be seen on our face… so by detoxifying the body, La Poudre Zéro Souci”, our Detox food supplement, restores radiance and luminosity to the skin. And even more so when it has been well moisturised, nourished and pampered, because it then reflects the light better.

    • Last little tip, because yes we can cheat a little, a little pink blush on the cheekbones immediately gives a better look … and that’s good for self-confidence 😀

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