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Enlacez vous..

Hug yourself...

“A real olfactory cuddle …”

These are your own words and they made us want to celebrate this wonderful fragrance with the same true simplicity and luminous sensuality that characterizes it; a gallery of portraits of women embracing.

  • Because TiL’s whole philosophy is self-care, offering moments between oneself and oneself,
  • Because L’Eau qui Enlace is the most obvious expression of this, luminous and delicate, tender and comforting, sensual and joyful,
  • Because we all need more than ever to surround ourselves, to embrace ourselves, to hug ourselves, to have these moments of human and spiritual warmth that make us love life,
  • Because the linden flower exhales a divine fragrance, which has been floating in the air since the dawn of time, and soothes us, while enveloping us in emotions from our memory,
  • Because if the linden is a mute flower, a virtuoso perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, has made it talk in the most moving way.

At a time when perfumes overwhelm us with their deafening decibels, L’Eau Qui Enlace whispers to your skin its intimate secrets of softness and invites you to tenderness …

Thank you for supporting us in this manifesto of softness!

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