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Chill & TiL!

Chill & TiL!

Chill, or relax in good French! Calm down, take a break, decompress, let go…

We don’t know about you, but we imagine that you are like us… running after time, with a heavy mental load, an endless to-do list, nerves tense and body tired. Not a very happy picture, but it’s often the reality, especially in these troubled years… at the same time, how can we do otherwise when we have a family to manage, often children we adore but…, sometimes parents to take care of, a job to secure, while remaining available for our other half, and let’s be crazy, for ourselves even when there are a few seconds left in the day.

So we don’t promise you miracles, but we do suggest that you take a small step aside, stop running around endlessly, take some time for yourself, finally listen to yourself, and put some gentleness in your life.

Chill, a state of mind

  • No, thinking about yourself is not selfish!

No guilt… Even if you grew up with the idea that you should think of others first, that’s no reason to spend your life forgetting about yourself… Self-sacrifice is surely admirable, but it’s time to realize that the best you can offer to others is to be good to yourself first. So treat yourself with infinite kindness above all!

  • Always more, or rather less but better?

What if life was no longer about wanting more and more in a never-ending race to the bottom, but to be content with less, with the essentials (and it’s up to each of us to define his or her essentials), but of great quality? Slow life, minimalism, simplicity, accepting imperfection … Be careful, we are not talking about austerity, because at TiL, we are fundamentally attached to joy, pleasure, well-being, but refocusing on what is really important to you and does you good. For example, choose a soft moment to take care of yourself rather than a shopping spree, which will fill your already overflowing closets?

  • Stop the injunction of hyperactivity 

Performance at all costs is good, but is doing nothing really a problem? When we wake up, we think of everything we have to do during the day, and at night we fall asleep (if we manage to do so) thinking of all the things we didn’t have time to do. If this is your case, ask yourself if it is really serious to offer yourself a few minutes per day (or week) to do nothing, except savor the present moment, by creating bubbles of softness that awaken the senses and chase away stress?

The cocooning attitude

  • Surround yourself with soft warmth

In every sense of the word… above all, be indulgent with yourself, you deserve it so much! Gentleness is the greatest strength… Live as much as possible with a benevolent entourage (get rid of the aggressive and toxic ones), make your house warm. Often it can be enough to light a candle, dim lamps… Moreover, use without moderation everything that is warm, a drink, a hot water bottle pressed against you, a hot shower (yes, rather a shower, but a good hot bath from time to time, in which you read, it is still happiness!), wrap yourself in a soft blanket, put on pajamas and socks…

  • Take time for yourself

What greater luxury than to steal time for yourself? Depending on your desires, your moments, your possibilities … it goes from gardening to relax, from a break in nature to reconnect, from a massage session, to an evening or even half an hour on your sofa or in your bed with a good book, a little music, an herbal tea, a lit candle … And we are not there for anyone! Anything that awakens the senses, comforts and brings tranquility is a gift.

  • Taking care of yourself, completely

Have you tried the SPA at home? It is a privileged moment between you and you, so comforting. In your bathroom, do as if you were arriving in a sublime SPA, and take advantage of soft and enveloping textures, which put you in a real cocoon, massage your face and body, perfume the room with a tender and soothing perfume… you will feel beautiful and good!

Til & Chill

At TiL, all products have been formulated to be ultra-sensory, effective and of course natural. The skin care textures are delicate and delicious, caressing the skin with tenderness, the perfume is a real olfactory comforter and the food supplements are delicious and super relaxing.

  • The “chill facial routine” starts with a cleansing and make-up removal with a gelwhich, with a little water, transforms into a creamy foam with the divine scent of linden blossom. “La Gelée à Fleur de Peau”  then leaves the skin incredibly soft and pure, super comfortable.Then we put our skin in a cozy cocoon, with “Le Baume Qui Ressource”, a velvety, soothing and regenerating care. This anti-aging concentrate with Tiliactiv4® (our exclusive active ingredient made of flowers, leaves, buds and twigs from the linden trees of our family estate in the Dordogne), alfalfa, nasturtium, passionflower and rose centifolia smoothes the skin, plumps it up and relaxes the features. In a spa session in your bathroom, apply it in a thick layer like a mask, and after 10 minutes, massage with gentle upward movements, then wipe off the excess with a tissue.


  • A “chill body routine”? 
    Shower or bath, it’s all about “Le Gel Qui Fait Chanter”, our cleansing soothing body gel which forms a generous lather, scented with linden blossom, and leaves the skin silky smooth. Then, apply “Le Lait Corps et Ame”, our moisturizing and firming body lotion that leaves the skin feeling satiny.

  • The cuddly perfume:

    Cuddly therapy, olfactory cuddly toy… these are the nicknames you yourself have given to “L’Eau Qui Enlace”, this marvel of delicacy created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Fresh and round, luminous and tender, it takes you down an alley of linden trees in bloom on an early June morning, and evokes sweet memories of childhood. It was the subject of a neuroscientific study, which highlighted its impact on three  emotions: joy, relaxation and comfort! A Chill perfume by essence!


  • Our body likes to chill too! 

    The chill moment ends with our food supplement, “La Poudre Zéro Souci”, a concentrated of linden (flowers and sapwood), lemon balm, burdock, vitamin B6 and magnesium that detoxifies the body, relaxes and promotes sleep, and improves the skin’s radiance. A super greedy powder, to be enjoyed in the evening  diluted in a cup of hot water, or sprinkled on your favorite drink or dessert.

    We can never tell you enough, take care of yourself, listen to yourself a little more, use your senses, enjoy the present moment… Even if it only lasts a few minutes, these bubbles take away stress and tension, lighten the mind, bring joy, relax the body. And that is priceless.


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