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Ça existe un complément alimentaire efficace et gourmand ?

That exists an effective and greedy food complement ?

And if a food complement existed almost in the natural state… ? There is one: the Linden tree, the only tree that does good for the whole body, mind and skin. So, when combined with other plants, vitamins and minerals, it becomes an obvious choice. It detoxifies, relaxes and makes you glow. In a daily dose, delicious, effective and reassuring,La Poudre Zero Souci” becomes part of the TiL self-care routine, alongside the joyful and comforting fragrance eau de toilette, L’Eau qui Enlace”, and the soothing and regenerating cosmetic care.

Food supplements, what are they?

Food supplements are “a concentrated source of nutriments or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect” (European directive 2002/46/EC). The regulation, very strict, authorizes claims only if each component reaches a defined and high level of concentration.

Food supplements, or nutritional supplements, provide nutriments such as vitamins and minerals, which complement dietary intake. For example, vitamins are essential even in very small doses, but the body does not produce them, so it is up to the food and/or food supplements to fulfill this mission. Others, such as magnesium, are essential to restore energy and reduce stress.

The linden tree, doctor tree: the food supplement by essence

It has always been established that linden, when ingested, is good for the body.

– It detoxifies the organism by helping the liver and the kidneys to eliminate toxins, that is why that is why you can find linden sapwood in all organic or natural food stores. Not only does it drain the hepato-biliary sphere, but it is also reputed to fight against inflammations, and from the druids to the kings’ doctors, it was used against feverish and flu-like states to bring down the fever.

– The Linden tree is so soothing that it even calms spasms; this is how that phloroglucinol, a molecule present in Linden, is found in the composition of famous anti-spasmodic medicines.

– As for Linden flowers, they are known to be “anti-depressants, euphoriants and sedatives“, nothing less! In a word, they bring joy, fight against anxiety and promote sleep and relaxation.

It was during the Middle Ages that the medicinal virtues of linden flower infusions were discovered, concocted to fight against nervous disorders and dizziness. Since then, the flowers have been used to treat many ailments, from high blood pressure to stomach pains.

The TiL food supplement, an obvious choice

We created TiL to take care of you holistically, your body, your mind and your skin, because we know that everything is linked. 

We are an indivisible whole: what’s in our brain and body affects our skin, and we need to take care of all three at once to refocus and recharge.

This is precisely what the Linden tree does, a tree so unique that it has been revered for centuries in all civilizations.

Detoxifying, soothing, comforting, this is how beneficial Linden is orally for the whole body. And what is good for the interior of the body can be read on the outside … One can therefore imagine its effectiveness when it is ultra-concentrated in a food supplement …

So if there is one product that makes sense in TiL’s range, it is “La Poudre Zéro Souci”, our detox destress & glow food supplement.

Detox, relaxation and radiance in one step

This powder highly concentrated in linden flowers and sapwood, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and minerals soothes the mind and improves sleep, helps eliminate toxins and makes the skin more radiant.

  • Detox: the detoxifying combo on the body

– Lime sapwood is the part of the wood between the bark and the heart of the tree, where the sap is found. It is full of active ingredients, and has been known since the dawn of time to cleanse the body. It drains it and helps it to eliminate, by acting in particular on liver, kidneys and intestines, and it improves digestion.

– The Burdock is traditionally used for its depurative functions. It promotes the well-being of the liver, the digestive well-being, and the purification of the body.

Collateral benefit: well purified, the body shows a more beautiful and fresh skin

  • Relaxation: the winning synergy of 4 elements

Linden flowers are known for their amazing calming properties. They soothe the nervous system and help you sleep well. Did you know that Proust’s famous madeleine was soaked in a cup of linden to soothe his Aunt Leonie in the evening? In phytotherapy, flowers are recommended to fight against nervous fatigue, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Lemon balm is associated with them to improve the quality of sleep and accelerate sleep. 

Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and stress. Faced with stress, the body expends energy that tires it and the magnesium is eliminated … A vicious circle because it decreases energy and therefore increases fatigue … we do not get out!

– Vitamin B6, a micro-nutrient essential to the balance of the body, is only provided by food. It forms a duo with magnesium to fight against tiredness and stress. It avoids the loss of magnesium, and magnesium, it, reinforces its action.

  • Radiance: a double source of glow for the skin

Burdock helps to recover a healthy skin, with an even and luminous complexion.

– With Linden sapwood, the skin, rid of toxins, is more radiant, especially since it is regenerated by a good sleep thanks to the flowers.

In addition, many “grandmother’s recipes” used lime blossoms in local application to lighten the complexion. The circle is complete…

The choice of “gourmandise”

The choice of “gourmandise”

We did not want a “medical” gesture, because TiL advocates sensoriality and hedonism, and its products provide a joyful well-being. 

We therefore eliminated from the outset the pills and capsules to be swallowed; we wanted to rediscover the pleasure of tasting an infusion, the one that Proust gave to his aunt to calm her in the evening.

Except that… we have revisited the herbal tea with all the know-how of the 21st century: we have ultra-concentrated it and associated it with other components. And we have made a gourmet powder that one can dilute in a liquid drink or a dessert. 

A real delight, with a delicate taste of blackcurrant (natural flavor), because the Powder is so concentrated to justify its claims that the taste would have been very bitter, and that is not TiL at all 😉

In all confidence

  • What could be more reassuring than Linden? In addition, the formula of “La poudre Zero Souci” is


– Gluten free 

– No artificial colors 

Vegetarian friendly

Allergen free

Made in France, 

No contraindications

  • When to use it ? If you are tired, irritable and have difficulty concentrating, if your mind is agitated, stressed and you sleep badly, if you have digestive problems, if your skin is dull or has problems.
  • In a 4 to 6 week cure. 
  • What you should avoid, as with any dietary supplement, is exceeding the indicated daily dose, or concocting a homemade cocktail of different dietary supplements without medical advice. This can lead to overdosing or undesirable interactions.  No, it’s not a candy, that’s also why at TiL, we didn’t want gummies!

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