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Alléger le stress, ce fléau

Relieve stress, this scourge

If you are not or never stressed , you are part of a happy minority !

The reasons for stress are plethoric, and can not only ruin life , but have serious consequences on health .

This is what guided the creation of TiL ... how to offer everyone a little better living , by soothing and regenerating the mind , body and skin ? Here are some tips and tricks to find a touch of serenity .

Did you know  ?

The word stress, of French origin , defines both the triggering factor, the body's reaction and its physiological processes, as well as the consequences on health . Used all the time, the word stress nevertheless covers a scientific reality : all of the physiological and psychological means implemented by a person to adapt to an event , according to the definition of Hans Selye (“father of the concept of stress in the 1930s ).

A social issue

The WHO ( World Health Organization ) correlates health and the notion of well- being , and defines health as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being , which does not consist only of absence of disease or infirmity .

The numbers are worrying : if almost one in 2 people suffered from stress before the health crisis, today the cases have literally exploded .

The causes are diverse, professional, family, medical, marital, relational, the famous 3D ( mourning , moving , divorce ) ...

Stress, kesaco ?

Not an emotion , but a natural physiological reaction:
Stress is a cascading response of the body to a dangerous environment , to regain its original balance .

Positive stress and negative stress:
Acute stress allows us to adapt to a specific and sudden problem , providing vital energy . Chronic stress is physically and psychologically exhausting , triggering chain reactions with toxic effects.

The 3 phases of stress:

  • Alarm : the body gets ready to flee or fight. It releases cortisol which provides energy, and adrenaline which increases heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature to provide oxygen.
  • Resistance : the body adapts . It produces other hormones that raise blood sugar levels to manage the energy expenditure needed to fight. The signs are irritability, frustration and difficulty concentrating.
  • Exhaustion : the body is overwhelmed. If stress continues, the body's physical, emotional and mental resources are exhausted . Fatigue, discouragement, depression, anxiety, weakening of the immune system lie in wait.

The damage of stress on health

They affect all physical, emotional, intellectual and behavioral spheres, and can be devastating:

  • Chronic stress affects the mind and body. It causes psychosomatic disorders, but also illnesses : drop in natural defenses, hormonal or cardiovascular disorders.
  • Excess cortisol creates continuous inflammation , the immune system then turns against the body , which can lead to diabetes, polyarthritis, psoriasis, thyroid or fertility disorders, etc.
  • Stress also affects the skin: it accelerates skin aging , makes the skin sensitive and uncomfortable , dulls or reddens the complexion, marks the features , etc.

But the opposite is true: positive emotions trigger the production of well-being molecules which beautify the skin .

Our anti-stress tips

We are not equal when it comes to stress ! Everyone reacts according to their sensitivity, their history, their education... If we cannot eliminate stress, we can learn to alleviate it as best as possible .

Here are some tips to adopt:

  • Keep a journal every day to understand stressors and reactions.
  • Have regular physical activity , which reduces cortisol , the stress hormone, and increases endorphins , the feel - good hormones.
  • Meditate and do breathing exercises . Even for just 5 minutes a day, sitting down, closing your eyes, putting on soft music , a comforting smell , reduces stress and strengthens your resistance.
  • Take advantage of all possible moments of relaxation, favoring relaxing heat (sauna, hammam, hot bath, tea or infusion). For peaks of stress or anxiety during the day, always carry L'Elixir de Sérénité with you, a small concentrated gemmotherapy oral spray : linden, fig and hawthorn buds, which soothes in 10 minutes .
  • Try to improve sleep , by adopting feng shui colors for your bedroom (cold shades, blue and green, gray) and by creating a calming olfactory atmosphere , for example with the divine Eau Qui Enlace , a real soothing stroll under the flowering lime trees. When we know that olfaction influences 75% of our emotions on a daily basis, that neuroscience has demonstrated that odors alleviate psychological suffering to the point of being included in the field of psychotherapy , we do not deprive ourselves of activate this circuit of pleasure and well- being ! The TiL perfume was subjected by neuroscientists to a protocol for measuring the emotional impact , which proved the state of relaxation and appeasement triggered, a respiratory rhythm  decreased by 15%, and a consensus on the triggering of 3 emotions: joy, relaxation and comfort .

  • Eat a healthy diet , don't skip meals, choose foods rich in magnesium, iron, fiber, tryptophan, potassium and B vitamins as a priority, which calm the psyche. Infusions like lime blossom, celebrated for centuries, are also an excellent way to soothe yourself in the evening. For an ultra-concentrated version as a food supplement , La Poudre Zéro Souci is the most delicious way to relax before sleeping , while detoxifying .
  • Avoid caffeine, meals, and strenuous activity before bed .

  • Try alternative medicine , such as acupuncture , which rebalances the circulation of energy in the body, light therapy which treats seasonal depression in particular, sophrology whose breathing exercises reduce stress, anxiety and anxiety attacks . , almost instantly: by breathing deeply, through the stomach , with long exhalations and inhalations (5 seconds each), the whole body relaxes. Likewise, yoga releases stress, provides a new balance of the physical, psychological and spiritual .

  • Think about your skin, a mirror of the brain and emotions . The entire TiL cosmetic range is made from Tiliactiv4® , the exclusive soothing, hydrating and regenerating active ingredient, made from buds, flowers, leaves and branches harvested from the lime trees on our family estate in Dordogne . And the products have the same delicate and joyful smell as Eau Qui Enlace…

The Skin Flower Jelly, the Replenishing Balm, the Body and Soul Milk, the Gel that Makes Sing, the Joyful SoapUltra sensory textures for daily pleasure and comfort , which rejuvenate and beautify the skin .

So stressed ? Yes surely, there are so many factors over the course of a life ! Take the time to think about yourself , and try all the means, big or small, that can help you live better . your mind, your body, your skin will thank you, and probably those around you too 🙂

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